Jingle Mingle: A PrezzyBox Event!

This is my favourite picture of all time! I am obsessed with it! I was loving making the bows and I think this really shows how much of a good time I was having. Plus, you can see my LipSense stripes which is always fun. 
I went to my first ever Blogger's event and had an absolute blast! Thank you so much to PrezzyBox for inviting me and hosting an incredible night.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

Honestly, going in, I was a little bit worried about the whole thing. I was going to my first ever Bloggers event, with a company that I am absolutely obsessed with. I was getting two trains (three on the way back!) and going to a city I've only been to twice in my life. But I was incredibly excited. I felt so honoured to be invited and asked to go. I thought it was an opportunity I just had to jump on.
I ended up meeting some incredible people and I'm so glad I now have some in-person blogging friends. I'm sure it would mean the world if you went to check out Miss Is Goode! She just returned from a travelling adventure to Peru and it sounds incredible. If you do, tell her you came from me!
Before arriving, we were told of the schedule and all the different activities that would be available. I have to say, I didn't really concentrate too much on them because I was more so excited to be going. It was all going to be quite the adventure.
When I arrived, it was all really well organised and very professional. We registered and got cute little name tags. Everything was centred around presents and I loved it. They had a Christmas tree up which only got me more excited for Christmas. With my new found friendship, we went around together and took photographs of the presents set up. PrezzyBox are so creative when it comes to presents and I loved looking at all the little ideas.

The first workshop that I did was the Christmas Gift Wrapping station. It wasn't quite what I expected but it was super fun.

The little booth's where the activities were going on were quite small so it was a fairly long wait for everyone to get in. The Q+A and advice session ended up starting before we got in and while I had no idea what to expect, I was so thankful that I came to the event. Everything the panellists said was so useful and clear cut. I loved the advice and the little pointer's to further develop both my blogs and YouTube channels.

It was so nice to be in an environment where everyone "get's it". As much as my family and friends support me, they defintely don't understand what it is and what the appeal is or why I spend so long on my laptop. It's a little frustrating but wonderful to hear Becky and PrezzyBox's representative talk about some advice and little tit bits of information that I can not only put in to practice, but provide me with the reassurance that I am doing some things right!
Finally, it was our turn to start the perfume workshop! It was very informative and the guy leading the session, very much reminded me of my father. He didn't get the point of the event but you could tell he loved his job. We had to pick 3 fragrances from 3 separate groupings. I loved Citrus and didn't want anything else which he thought was super odd. But in the end, our whole group was odd. Every other person, before us, had picked 3 scents but not a single person in ours picked 3. Most went for 2 but two of us went for just the one! Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun.

As we were leaving, we got a goodie bag full of little gifts. Stay tuned for Thursday to see those!

After the event, PrezzyBox released this image and I love it. It's such an amazing memory and to see not only my name, but also my blog name up there is something special.
Once again, thank you to PrezzyBox, Talk Becky Talk and Baresca for allowing me to have an incredible night. 


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