How To: Save a Facebook Video!

I've recently been given permission to use some of my friends videos on my own business sites to promote the products. The only problem is that most of them are on Facebook which is incredibly difficult to share with the right people and in the right groups, so instead I wanted to download them and re-upload.

Well there I hit a hurdle! It's so hard. After a lot of research and looking up, I finally figured out how to save a Facebook video in the original (usually high) quality! It does take quite a few steps but this way you are guaranteed to not have a fuzzy download.
  1. Open up the video on Facebook
  2. Change the address from "https://www" to "https://m"
  3. Press enter to reopen the video
  4. Play the video
  5. Right click on the video 
  6. Press "Save video as
  7. Save the video 
If the video is fairly long, the downloaded video may end up blurry. In that case you need to do an extra step. 
  1. Open up the video on Facebook
  2. Right click on the video
  3. Click on Control and U to open the Page Source
  4. Copy the entire code
  5. Head to this site
  6. Paste the entire code
  7. Press Download
  8. Once uploaded, click the HD button


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