Bonfire Night 2017: Fireworks and Sparklers!

After finally recovering from a terrible sickness, I enjoyed a night out and bonfire night with family! Bonfire Night is always a fun celebration. I love watching fireworks and playing with sparklers!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

The last three years, I've celebrated in London so it was defintely different being back in Yorkshire. It's much smaller and not quite as gobsmacking-ly amazing as the displays in London. In first year, I had a birthday party so didn't make it to Primrose Hill. Instead, my flatmate and I had fun with sparklers in our courtyard and watched the fireworks from Victoria. In second year, I went to Victoria Park which was incredible. I was blown away by the fact all the fireworks were released in time with the music. Then last year, I watched them over the River Thames which was beautiful. 

The night I got home from the PrezzyBox event, I ended up being super sick. I very rarely actually - TMI! - vomit, but I was in bed for three days with everything under the sun... I felt awful and just slept straight through, only waking to throw up. Luckily, it didn't last too long but when I finally woke from my slumber I just felt so behind all my blog work and everything, I'll admit, I got a little stressed. 

First of all I caught up with my Hannah's Lips UK website because I wanted to get that out of the way for the rest of the year so I've now written all of those posts until Christmas. Yey! To be honest, they don't take long to write because all the information is easily available online if you know where to look for it. I just want to make it easier to find the knowledge all in one place. Plus, I'm really enjoying learning about lots of different, exciting products. 

I've been starting to have driving lessons again and I am actually really pleased with how they are going so the next step will be my theory test but I think my mum finally caught on, oops! I was trying to keep it a secret to remove the pressure but it didn't work for too long. 

Nevertheless, I finally got dressed and managed to film some sit down YouTube videos. I filmed a handful for my business and then a quick haul from the PrezzyBox gift bags, which was very much overdue. 
In the evening, Jess came back from York for a girl's cousin night out. It was meant to be all of our generation and mum's generation but everyone cancelled last minute so it ended up just being mum's cousin's, plus me and Jess. Let's just say, everyone got a little tipsy and emotional. Mum doesn't remember half the night and I love it! LOL!

Bonfire Night was a little different this year. I've spent the last three in London and have absolutely loved going to the big events. My favourite has got to be the Victoria Park shows (Part 1 and Part 2). Well, this year we went to my mother's fiance's family charity night. A lot of his extended family go so they ended up having 300 people. Let's just say, I very much stayed by the fire and felt a little lost. Either way, I still got the bonfire smell and enjoyed the display.
I love how pretty the light from the bonfire makes you look. Am I just really vain?

The fireworks lasted so much longer than I expected!
On actual Bonfire Night, which was the day after, we stayed home and did some sparklers in the front garden which was actually quite fun! I love sparklers. Unfortunately, the rest of the family didn't really join in. In my first year of uni, I forced my flatmate Trent to do them with me!
What did you do for Bonfire Night this year? I hope everyone stayed safe! 


  1. I love sparklers and fireworks, here's what I did this year to celebrate Bonfire Night!


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