My Overnight Must Haves!

My night time routine hasn't changed a whole lot since I posted it over 2 years ago so instead of doing a slightly updated one, I thought I would share my overnight must have items instead. Since starting university, I've defintely travelled a lot. Coming home and visiting friends across the UK has meant I have become quite a light packer. Compared to when I used to go to my father's house for the weekend, I now fit everything in a hand luggage sized suitcase instead of a full sized one.

Okay...perhaps I'm not the lightest traveller but I've defintely reduced and downsized dramatically.

First of all, I don't leave the house without makeup on and I always make sure to take it off every single night. I think it's incredible important to take care of your skin. Especially as I suffer with really bad acne, it needs to kept clean to be clear. I love the my makeup eraser because all you need is water, meaning you travel very light. Plus, it's really soft which is create for acne.
Following that, I use a cleanser. At the moment, I'm switching between two because I've found a new skincare range that I absolutely love but I also have product left so I use a mix of them both. My Clinique Anti-Blemish Cleansing Foam has been a long time favourite but I've recently fallen in love with Senegence's SeneDerm 3 in 1 Cleanser. I've used the Normal to Oily and Oily to Acne range and I'm not sure which I love more just yet!

Without a doubt, my electric toothbrush is the item I couldn't live without! I recently stayed at my friends overnight and took nothing with me. She provided me with a normal toothbrush but I so missed my electric one. I hate the sound and feel of a normal toothbrush. It's almost like nails on a chalkboard for me, aka, it's one of my pet peeve's. On top of that, electric toothbrush's get between all your teeth and are actually timed to make sure you're brushing your teeth for the correct time. That's one of my favourite features about my toothbrush!

I was recently shown some recent research on the most effective toothbrushes and I found it very interesting. Reviews consulted the American Dental Association, plus independent organisations like the Cochrane Collaboration, and examined 70 different electric toothbrush models currently on the market to determine which brush offers the most effective at-home care regimen. It was nice to see that my current toothbrush made it onto the list! If you're looking for a new one, Consumer's Advocate have created a guide with in-depth reviews and what essential features to look for when shopping.

Moving on to the morning, as I've already mentioned, I don't leave the house without makeup. Right now, with my inflamed acne, pores and scarring, I did a little protection to feel comfortable. I keep all my simple, daily makeup in a little makeup bag that I can easily grab. Again, it hasn't changed much in the last few years so to see my 3 makeup products and 3 brushes click here.

Finally, pants! While I'm mainly discussing toiletries because they are essential, I do think underwear is also needed. You can re-wear your clothes and have your hair in a messy bun or comb it with your fingers but a fresh pair of pants is a priority for me.

Of course, normally I pack far more but these are my essential items! I think the toothbrush would have to be my number one item. What one item would you need for an overnight must have?


  1. My overnight must have's include my electric toothbrush and I explain why you should have one too!


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