10 Easy Christmas Cork Craft Ideas!

Recorked recently sent me a package full or recycled corks! I'm so excited to share what I made with them but I thought I would first share some of my other favourite cork crafts!

1. Mini Christmas trees: These are super easy and simple. Just stack them as a big triangle and then stand them together on another cork for the trunk.
 2. Heart: You can literally make them into any shape but a heart is super pretty. Draw the shape on some paper an build the cork structure on top. Once done, you can paint the ends on the corks. Either paint them all one colour or do an almost ombre effect.
 3. Table decorations:
 4. Garland: As corks are so light, they work perfectly as a garland. You can either continue with the santa and reindeers or make snowmen!
5. Baubles: I use to make a new bauble decoration for the tree every year growing up. These are super simple and just mean you have to add some string to the top!
 6. Homemade Nought and Crosses: Make a fun festive version of noughts and crosses with snowmen and reindeer instead. Champagne corks work best for these and keep it super simple with just some paint and accessories!
 7. Decor: Instead of just making a tree, make some other festive signs as well. There are all super easy and just require some glue on one level.
 8. Wreath: I love the look of cork wreaths and you can finish them with some mini baubles to fill in the gaps.
 9. Tree Jumble: If you want to take things a little further, you can jigsaw together a Christmas tree for a medley style decor.
 10. Letters: Cut out a paper version of your letter of choice and then stack the corks in the shape. You can mix it up further by cutting the corks in half or further.
Bonus: A little trickier than the other crafts, is this cute little reindeer! I'm not sure I would have the patience for putting all the little twigs in but nevertheless, some of you might! 
If you make any of these crafts, be sure to tag me in them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and use the hashtag #hannahelizabethcorkcrafts! If you want to look at any more Christmas crafts, look no further then here for my top 10 or here for Sock Snowmen


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