How to: Redeem iTunes App Promo Code

Today's blog post is not quite a blogger how to but it applies to almost anyone who uses the Apple Store.

I was recently given some free accessories for an app by a company. In exchange for the review they wanted me to have access to the full features of the app and gave me them in the form promo codes. Well, I'm not going to like, I really struggled to work out how to redeem it. Usually, it's within the app itself but this was a little different so I thought I would write it down to help others and myself in the future too.

I would quickly share my method to redeem promo codes.

  1. Download the app
  2. Launch App Store
  3. Click on Featured on the bottom left corner
  4. Scroll down to the bottom
  5. You can see two options of Redeem and Send Gift
  6. Tap on Redeem button
  7. Enter your Apple ID and password
  8. Type in the Promo Code to update the app 
Let me know if you find this useful! 


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