Importance of Family Time

After being away at university for the past three years, it's defintely different being back in my family, childhood home, where I grew up. University can be somewhat isolating. With flatmates and housemates coming and going, it can be difficult to find time when you're all free and available. For example, something as simple as all eating together, at the same time, can be impossible.

The past few months have been really wonderful. Not only have I seen more of my mum but we've also spent a lot more quality family time together and I really do think it is incredibly important to make the effort.

We've eaten meals together and watch the soaps we love together - Neighbours and Home and Away anyone? Plus, we've made it almost a tradition to go out at least once a week for a meal with just the two of us. It's been really nice and I honestly appreciate it. Even talking about our day, watching TV together and going to the gym, has been a lovely change.
A recent survey found that more than half of British parents (57%) prioritise work over family time. Spending time with family is important, but admittedly it is sometimes difficult. I know from experience, busy work schedules can interfere with  personal life. It's especially hard when you work from home. I have my two blogs, my two YouTube channels and my cosmetics business that are all, obviously, run online at home. Similarly, my mum works just opposite the house so is often called in on her days off.

Anytime spent dedicated to family, while it may seem unproductive, is actually incredibly rewarding. Whether it is sitting down to eat a meal together in the evening or watching films on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it all adds up.

The Wooden Furniture Store currently has an interactive quiz you can take. If you are wondering whether or not you spend enough time with your loved ones, you can see how much your work gets in the way of your home life. If you don’t get the result you expect, read the tips  to find out how you can start to prioritise your home life a little more.

I found this article to be very useful and I would thoroughly recommend a quick read. While it's written from the viewpoint of father's whom work (somewhat sexist in my opinion), I think it applies just as easily to women in a similar position. Some activity suggestions can also be found here. From the simple and cheap, to the extreme...there is something for everyone.

When I took the quiz, I found my result to be welcoming. "Spending so much time with your family must really strengthen the relationships between you all. Quality family time is important for easing tension, nurturing and supporting each other." However, I do worry when I start back at university and then subsequently, enter employment whether that will be the case.

Personally, I think finding a good work and home life balance is an ongoing experience that changes regularly throughout life. Different changes lead to different family dynamics and it's important to understand how to achieve and commit to family time despite this.


  1. I love spending time with my family but I don’t do it enough, do you?


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