What SheerSense has done for me?

SheerSense, the company I work for as an Independent Distributor of SheerSense recently asked us what SheerSense has done for us since joining. Honestly, I didn't originally film one because I didn't particularly think what I thought would change anything as there were so many more distributors who had already done it or had been there longer.
Well anyway, SheerSense reached out and requested some additional ones that were shorter for their Roadshow events. I was so overjoyed and thankful when they asked me. It's crazy how much they appreciate us all as individual distributors.

I first created it but then for SheerSense's Roadshow tour they wanted a version that was less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Well, it was almost 15 minutes long so I basically filmed it again and summarised all my points. On my personal channel I've uploaded a mini version of "What SheerSense has done for me", but I thought I would share the full version as well, so be sure to go and see it on my business channel!

Click here to watch the mini video or see below.

Click here to watch the full video!