Exfoliating Facial Gel by Sakare

A super short and sweet blog post today. I just wanted to quickly share a quick review on a product I was recently given to sample. In fact, this is more of a warning!

A month or so ago, I had family come and visit me in London. We were having a nice stroll through Covent Garden and walking back up to my flat. Sakare had a pop-up shop in one of the streets and practically dragged us through the door. I wasn't very impressed and having lived in London for three years, had I been by myself, I would have left. But we had suitcases (which they had taken off of us, into the store!) and I was with my mother, who can't say no to anyone. 

Well, when we got in for a sample. He started shoving all these products on our hands. Not once did he ask us permission, nor ask about any allergies. Nevertheless, my mum did actually like one of the products and would have probably been prepared to try it but she was completely caught off guard. He started talking about the 'packages' she could get. He wouldn't let her buy just the one product she wanted, instead she had to buy 5 which put the price into the hundreds. Absolutely ridiculously. 

Let's face it...that immediately put me off the company and I wasn't very happy with them. To make matter's worse, he took one look at my skin and exclaimed how bad and disgusting my acne was. I was furious. Yes, I happen to have a couple bad breakouts every other week but trust me, that is not the way to get clients. Even so, he said that the best product for me would be to try the Exfoliating Facial Gel
He placed a little on my hand and admittedly, my skin was a heck of a lot smoother but what I noticed was that the beads were caught in my hairs. It was literally exfoliated my hairs off. It is an extremely powerful exfoliator and while it's got tiny beads and is gentle, it defintely takes the hair off. 

I read up on some reviews when I got home and thought that I may as well try it. It was free after all. I got a couple of samples so I could have tried this up to 4 times but trust me, once was enough. I put it on my face and immediately it started burning. It felt like my face was on fire. My face is quite sensitive so I thought it would fade so I kept it on for a couple minutes longer, but it didn't. I ended up washing it off and then dousing my face in ice cold water. The sensation didn't really fade until a couple hours later; it didn't diminish until that evening! 

But my skin felt soft and I liked how glowy it looked. 

Well, I woke the next day and my skin was red and peeling! I literally looked like I had a chemical peel. It was dreadful and I will NEVER use this product again. My face was sore for a good week and it gradually flaked off, like snake skin shedding. 

Honestly, I think if you don't have sensitive skin, this will probably work really well for you. It's a very gentle scrub and it will defintely make your skin feel much smoother. What is annoying is that he advertised this as great for sensitive skin!

But is it worth £40? Do you want to give your money to this company, with that work ethic? No, no and no. 


  1. What a company. Goodbye Sakare!

    1. Scammed as well...May 19, 2021

      Wish I'd read this whilst in the shop.. I also found a BBC documentary on how poorly they're paid, just based on commissions.


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