My First Helicopter Experience! (Miami 2017)

Can you imagine going on a helicopter? No? Me neither. But I just did and it was the craziest, funnest and best experience ever. After a morning split between the beach and the pool, we went on an epic tour of Miami from the skies!

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

I did a really cute montage clip of me writing Cape Verde in the sand earlier this year but unfortunately, the Miami one didn't work out at all. It was so much busier on the beach and there was the one guy who was in the shot...awkward.
I loved having a swim in the sea. Honestly, the first 10 minutes or so we absolutely freezing. Ever time the waves ran over me, I would squeal again but once we both got in and started swimming it was so nice and refreshing. I really wanted to get in and truly appreciate the ocean as it was the last time I would be at the sea front for the rest of the year. I'm defintely glad I did.

We finally worked out when the sun hits the pool at the hotel and it happened to be the hottest day of the trip so far. It was 27 degrees for the majority of the day and it was literally perfect. So after an hour at the beach, we headed to the hotel for the rest of the day. 
I do love the beach but I always feel a little more comfortable at a more private location purely because of the safety of belongings. At the beach, I always have to keep an eye on things so no one steals it, whereas at the pool, I trust and because I'm in quite close proximity it's completely fine to leave. 

We got ready a little earlier than we have been doing throughout the holiday, because today was the day we were going in a helicopter. 
I''m still in complete shock. I have no words. The whole experience was absolutely surreal. I couldn't help but repeatedly exclaim "Oh my god/gosh!". It was crazy and amazing and everything I could have imagined, but everything and more. The views were beautiful and incredible and gobsmackingly breathtaking. Wow. 

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I loved how nice the staff were and they loved both our English accents. It's funny because they were all real Americans whereas most of the people we've met have spoken Spanish more. 

I'm not usually one to buy the pictures that companies take because they're usually ridiculously overpriced and not all that good but I really loved both the price and the quality of the pictures so I bought them all and got a free memory stick as well! 

Once we were finished, we ordered a taxi through them and then waited outside. It was a beautiful day so it wasn't really a pain but we did start to get a little worried when it got to 25 minutes and it still hadn't arrived. Funnily enough, while waiting we saw a 4-piece police escort take a tinted window SUV to a very expensive and nice looking private jet. As much as I wanted to zoom in and see who it was, Katherine frowned upon it so I stopped. LOL!
One long and very expensive taxi drive later and we got to Ocean's Drive. I was really craving traditional American fast food and on the first night we passed the trendiest looking 'alien space ship roller-coaster style' bar. As least, that's how I remembered it. It ended up being called the Cleavelander and was linked to a hotel. The food was actually super yummy and filling. I very much enjoyed it!

Then one last, late night walk down to the beach front and back to the hotel for an early night ready for tomorrow. 

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