Easy Christmas Cork Craft!

I've recently spoken a lot about corks being used in crafts. Right now, it's one of my favourite things to use. Not only is it reusing and recycling products that would otherwise be thrown away but it's so versatile. I shared some of my favourite Christmas craft idea's using cork earlier this year but today I wanted to share my own creation, somewhat inspired by that post!

Recorked actually very kindly sent me the corks I used in this craft free of charge. I shared why I love the company and what it stands for, so if you're looking for cork to make your own craft, you can buy recycled corks directly from them. Onto the craft. 
As you guys know, I love crafting but I'm not all that great at it. If I had the time, I would love to nurture the passion and practice to get better, but until then, I choose to keep my life simple and easy to make beautiful and effective crafts. Last year I made some sock snowmen and some DIY decor, so this year I chose to make Cork Christmas symbols! 

I've done a handful of Christmas cork crafts, some of which were mentioned in my blog post filled with craft ideas, but I decided to go for one of the easier ones to share. I wanted to make these cute miniature Christmas symbols. There are endless options but I decided to go for a Christmas tree and a Christmas wreath. I later also created a stocking (but slightly failed) and a candy cane!

All you need is a selection of recycled corks and super glue. You can then decorate it with felt tip marker pens, ribbon, paint or glitter ect. I chose to keep it fairly simple and just used marker pens and ribbon to finish of my pieces.

1. Select your corks. Try to make sure they are all the same height, similar heights and all consistent in length.
2. Arrange the pattern you want to do. Start simple!

3. Super glue 2 corks at a time. You need only a small amount of glue and then hold them together for the glue to set.

4. Slowly repeat this step adding one extra cork at a time.
5. If you want to keep the craft for a long time I would suggest putting extra glue in between the 'cracks' to seal it in place.

6. Let set once finished.

7. Decorate.
I hope you think these are just as cute and simple as I do. Let me know how you go and be sure to tag me and @recorkeduk on Instagram and Twitter if you make them!

You can also watch me make these on my YouTube channel by clicking here or watching the video below!