Liquid Foundations...First Impression!

I've really loved using my Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation but I've been using it every day for the last 9 years and I've really been wanting to love a new liquid foundation. I find that my powder foundation wears away and is quite oily throughout the day, so I've been trialling new foundations over the past month. 

Instead of writing separated reviews for them all, I thought I would quickly write up a couple of thoughts for each!

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup: I still use some of Clinique's skin care range so when I saw they were offering free samples of their new product line, I thought I would jump at the chance.
Verdict: This provides great coverage and very little is needed, it's great for covering up my acne but doesn't last all day.
Bare Minerals Bare Pro: Of course, being a lover of Bare Minerals it was my first port of call. They have a huge range of colours which is great for the entire population of skin tones. 
Verdict: I love the coverage but I hate how long it takes to set. 

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation: The Body Shop is known for being good value for money so I thought it was worth a try. I received a sample by a very nice member of staff and was excited to try it out.
Verdict: The shade matches well but the product is very thin, watery and has a very light coverage.
Senegence MakeSense Foundation: I sell this foundation with my business, Hannah's Lips UK, so I wanted to try it too! It's meant to be non-smearing, long-lasting coverage that contains are amazing SenePlex Complex.
Verdict: Great buildable coverage and long lasting but difficult to blend initially.

Senegence Advanced Anti-Ageing Foundation: Again, as I had it available to me, I thought I would try it while I was there. With a higher concentration of SenePlex Complex, it's more anti-ageing than MakeSense.
Verdict: I think the anti-ageing factor is great but the coverage is not as full as needed for my acne (active and scarring) and I was put off by the smell, very almond based.
So I think I've found a foundation that I love but it will take a few more attempts at using it to truly get a feel. Are there any liquid foundations you would recommend? 


  1. I only use liquid foundations! ever since I started using them two years ago I've never looked back. The Bare Essentials is sooo good.

    1. I have to admit, I much prefer how long they last!


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