Tails.Com: Dog Food (Review)

I love animals and growing up on a farm, they've always been a huge part of my life. One saying I know to be true is that a dog is a man's best friend and my two black labrodors are defintely apart of our tight-knit family unit. Holly and Tilly we a present from a friend who bred them; they were ready to come home just after my birthday and it was the perfect gift! You can read all about them in my Meet my Dogs post but today I wanted to talk about an incredible dog food service called Tails.com.

Tails.com is a tailor-made food just for your dog. You input information about your dog to see their ideal food. Based on your dog’s breed, age, weight, condition and activity levels, they calculate how much food they need every day. You can also add in flavour and ingredient preferences, health issues, exclusions and any allergies for their exact nutritional requirements. You will receive a hand-blended a selection of high quality kibbles (from over a million combinations) to create an optimised balance of nutrients just for your dog.

You’re always in control. You can pause, delay or cancel your monthly deliveries at any time. Your first delivery includes your dog's menu card with a breakdown of their feeding plan and daily portion size.
I was really impressed with both the speed I received my order and the quality that my package came in. Everything was very well packed and there was lots of information. I loved most of all that as I had ordered for 2 dogs, everything was labelled with their individual names.
The package included the dry food kibble, a pack of dental sticks and a Perfect Portion Scoop for each dog. They also had an information booklet, free codes and a specific plan containing the information you provided. The portion controlled management means you can feed them easily and accurately. If your dog is overweight or underweight, the controlled portions will help them return to their ideal condition.
Like I said, I inputted the information for each dog very simply into their profiles. I told them their rough weights, ages and breed. I also added that they both have arthritis so that was the main concern.
The information on the bags explained what had been put into the food based on their needs. The cards recorded the exact amount of dry kibble needed and then how much other food to add.
I found the information leaflet really useful. It also explained to slowly introduce the food with their regular to ensure it didn't cause any problems.
To be quite honest, they downed the food just as usual and while they enjoyed it no problem, they love food and would literally eat anything and everything...given or not! Sorry Grandma!

Overall, I think the service is easy, great value for money and a very high quality. I would defintely recommend it. If your dog(s) is more sensitive, simply follow the detailed guidelines and slowly introduce the new food. My impression of the company is that they are very aware of a dog's needs so I felt safe using their food.

You can try your own 2 week free trial for just a small £1 delivery cost which can be cancelled at any time. Simply create an account, fill in both yours and your dog's details and pay the £1. Either click here or use the code HANNAGKL.

Let me know what you think! 


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