Toast Metaphors

A picture going around Twitter recently got me thinking and the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share this little thought. So a quick blog post today, all about toast. 
I always cut my toast the exact same way, straight down the middle (C), and I never really thought about another way to cut it. The piece of toast stays the same. It's still the same slice with the same topping, just cut slightly differently. In a way, that's life.

There are so many different people and even though we're all humans, we all have different opinions. Unfortunately, people are far too sensitive in this day and age. I find it very sad that we can no longer speak our own mind, despite living in a "free world". I totally understand that not everyone will agree on all matters and that's okay. I repeat: that's okay!

What we do need to learn though is that while people's opinions may different from our own, there's always a way to respectfully disagree. There is no harm in taking the time to actively lesson and discuss a matter. I think it's really important life lesson in learning to put yourself in others shoes. Attempting to understand their way of looking at things will help the world dramatically.

So...which way do you cut your toast?