Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffer Inspiration!

After posting my last minute gift guide yesterday, I really wanted to share some other gift ideas but for those that are looking for smaller gifts on a budget or even Christmas stocking stuffers. These would also be perfect for secret Santa! Everything is less than £5!

Swizzels Matlow Sweet Shop Candle Jars 3 Classic Candy Fragrances: Split up these 3 cute candles to make three gifts! They honestly smell amazing and they are a great size. Plus, they're not the normal candles, they're a little different and fun! - £9.15 for 3

Pop Sockets: I am a massive fan of Pop Sockets. I bought my first last Christmas when they were just starting to get big and I just bought my second one for a great price. You can spend a little more or you can get a cheap one that works just as well and can be personalised. This one is great because it also comes with a free grip! - £3.99 for 2

Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre: This is a fun plant kit for a difference. Instead of the normal vegetables, you can get these which are fun and unusual. Coming in a pack of 5, again, split them up! - £7.99 for 5
Tastecard 3 month Trial: Who doesn't love eating out? With this 3 month trial membership to Tastecard, you can give the gift of discount food that keeps giving back. At50% off the total food bill or two meals for the price at thousands of ever increasing participating outlets, the average Tastecard user saves over £500 a year using their card. - £1!

Christmas Selection Box: Honestly, who doesn't want chocolate for Christmas. I think a selection box is quite self explanatory! A little trick, while I've linked an example, for once, it's actually cheaper to buy this in store itself. - £2.00

Nivea Perfect Skin Gift Pack: The trio of indulgent skin care products work hard every day to help keep your skin looking and feeling great, and all come inside a keepable large gold heart tin. - £3.75
Colouring Book and Colouring Pencils: In this stressful world, it's easy to not take time for yourself so a few minutes each day colouring is a great way to help yourself. - £4.80

Dove Beauty Collection Washbag Gift Set: Enjoy softer, smoother skin after just one shower with this moisturising body wash that leaves skin feeling cared for, a deodorant, a body lotion and with a free body wash bag! - £4.50

NIVEA Luscious Lips Gift: The ultimate treat, providing you or someone you love with super soft and luscious lips all year round. With four full sized NIVEA lip care products, you'll always have the perfect balm or butter at hand, and they all come in a stylish keepable heart-shaped tin. - £5.00
Finally, if you know your friend or family member - whoever your getting a gift for - better, get them a book! Amazon offers so many Paperbacks for less than £4 which is crazy and so worth it.

One of the best things about Amazon Prime is that they do next day delivery and if you're a Prime Member, you can get this for no charge! It's incredible!

Will you be buying any of these?


  1. I've actually got a friend one of those vegetable kits for Christmas! I hope she likes it!

    1. Oh so fun! I got my dad them so fingers crossed he does too. Hopefully they work well 😊

  2. I like the coloring pencils an color book idea. It would work well for so many ages.

    1. So true! I was trying to do presents for everyone 💚


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