Friends, Family and Food!

This week was all about spending time with family and friends, while enjoying some yummy food and spending far too much money! I had visitors and I visited people all week. It was fun! 

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Monday started the week with me hanging out with Alice at Trinity Walk. She ended up being about half an hour late but it actually ended up being okay because I got to do some last minute Christmas shopping for my dad and cousins. I didn't think my dad's planned present was going to arrive in time - luckily it did - so I bought him some, as well as both my cousins! 

We had tea at Pizza Express. Honestly, it's just easy to get to and usually cheap. I'd been craving the brownies so I was super excited. I actually really like going with Alice because we both ended up getting 3 courses rather than me looking super greedy! 
Tuesday was a long day as me and my little sister made our way towards London. I've been trying to see my dads side of the family for months so I'm glad we finally could and it all worked out. We took the train down and dad picked us up at own of the nearby stations.
Dad hilariously brought his light up jumper with him. He was so excited to show Bop it and she in return, wanted to wear hers but unfortunately it was broken. Having not thought about washing it with electronics attached he was very adamant about not getting it dirty, only to drop food of it the first chance at Zizzi's. I couldn't help but laugh!
I will genuinely get over how much I love my niece and nephew. They make my heart swell with love every time I see them and think of them. They are my absolute favourite people. Their hands are my favourite. Mr Man is such a happy baby and I actually felt like I bonded with him for the first time in his short life. He was all smiles and giggles. Bop is just so wild. She's so loving and sweet but opinionated and independent and competitive...I love it!

It's such an honour to be their aunt and quite honestly, it's the best gift I could have ever received. I often feel sad that I don't see them often and that we're not as close as I would like us to be but having Bop beg for us not to leave is so heart-warming. She likes me!
On Wednesday, my childhood friend Hannah came over for a visit. We had big plans but unfortunately she had to cancel them. Nevertheless, a couple of hours at my house was nice and I even plaited her hair!
Originally, we were planning on meeting up again but with some other friends on Friday. With none of them able to make it and me having to get a taxi anyway, we switched it to Thursday and headed to Pizza Hut. I haven't been since P.I.T. Stop but it's always nice.
 Of course, we saved the best till last and shared a £3 cookie dough!
After, we went to see Pitch Perfect 3! I honestly loved it. I thought it was hilarious, fun and a perfect cheesy chic flick!
Christmas Eve Eve on Saturday turned into the craziest, busiest day ever! We headed to a couple of friends to drop off some presents and Christmas cards last minute, before picking up our Christmas order from Marks and Spencer's. Quite honestly, it was horrendous. They'd lost our order!

After over an hour of waiting for them to find it, they ended up having to go around the shop to pick up the supplies and they'd even run out of the 2 things that were most essential. To apologise they added a complementary bottle of prosecco but considering the falafel it was very annoying.

When we got home, we unpacked the card and then I headed over to grandma's. I ended up staying a while as we spoke about holidays and her almost getting arrested. She's a laugh! Then it was rush, rush, rush to eat, head over to our cousins to drop off some presents and finally getting to my mum's soon-to-be mother-in-law to for her drop in day with the family.

Of course, my advent calendar is sadly coming to an end so with the penultimate chocolate, I ate the reindeer and headed to bed.