2018 Destination Bucket List!

Having recently returned from my trip to Miami, I have defintely caught the travelling bug. I could have easily stayed out there for another week as there was so much to do. I'm honestly still in shock that I won it and the all-expenses paid activity package.

Growing up, I always went on once holiday a year; it was usually a 2 week all inclusive package where we mainly stayed on the resort. Since starting university I have changed that up a little bit. Of course, I still love relaxing and defintely think the holiday calm and serenity helps me chill, but I have defintely switched my main focus somewhat. That has also been essential as I am now the one paying, rather than my parents.

Over the past 3 years, I have instead gone on 2 short trips a year. One usually for a week where I do relax and another to a big busy city, for a short trip, to explore the hustle and bustle. I've actually really enjoyed both the independently organised city trips and the more beachy holidays. Admittedly, if I had to pick just one, I would probably still be swayed - just! - by the beach. I just think life can get so crazy sometimes, that little respite can be really helpful.

Destination2  are currently running a campaign on Travel Bucket Lists for 2018. I've previously shared my top 5 dream destinations but they are more focused on long term travel goals. I thought I would share where I realistically MIGHT actually go for my holiday next year*.

This seems to have been one of the most popular destinations with my friends this year. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price of their packages so it's defintely a location that moved up in the time frame I would have thought.

The paradise island is such a dream destination. With breath-taking natural scenery, luxury resorts and rich and diverse cultures, holidays offer a tropical escape with something for everyone. 

I have a friend who's family goes to Dubai every single year. With both city and relaxation options alike, it would defintely be a holiday that could be utilised in both ways. One of the most appealing things for me personally, is the fact that the temperature remains quite hot for a long period of the year. That means, it would make it ideal from the end of March until November.

With a stunning selection of golden beaches and glorious Middle Eastern sunshine, Dubai is one of the premier holiday destinations in the world, especially for winter sun. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a glamorous and lavish beach holiday in a vibrant and visually stunning city. 

I always find it interesting how Americans crave for Europe and I crave for anywhere but! Given that it is the cheapest destination, I will probably end up fitting in at least a city break to Europe. I think Italy will probably be the country of choice this year because it has so many different and diverse cities. I'm currently leading towards Rome, Venice or Pisa but where would you recommend?

Another popular destination with my age group this year was Thailand: both my cousins went in the summer! As Airbnb holiday rentals become more popular, travelling to these locations become more accessible.

The land of smiles is known the world over for its spectacular natural landscapes, bustling resorts and captivating historical resorts, from beautiful Buddhist temples to grand palaces. One of the main appeals is its incredible diversity and wide choice of destinations.

Truthfully, I don't think the Maldives will be on my list for next year but I can't not include it! It's just absolutely gorgeous and with everything screaming relaxation, I often find myself looking to see if there is a cheap package available. Trust me, as soon as I find one it will be booked!

These are a luxurious collection of islands offering a truly exotic and tranquil experience. The resorts are uniformly fantastic, with exceptional service and each and every island is blessed with fantastic beaches and pristine cyan-blue warm waters. You can relax, sunbathe, dive and swim to your heart’s content. 

Where do you plan to go next year? Where would you like to go? All The Rooms recommend Romania! Have a look at these Destinations for some inspiration.

*I have given both my personal opinion and a brief description, edited from Destination2's website.


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