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I recently joined Influenster which is a product discovery and review platform for consumers. It uses social media analytics to measure its users’ influence on social media and a series of questions to decide who gets the selection of VoxBoxes which contain free products to review.

I received the Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Volume Mascara in my latest VoxBox and I wanted to share my thoughts.
I'm honestly not someone who usually wears mascara. I personally think that my eyelashes are naturally black and fairly long naturally, but I have tried a fair few over the years and some I have loved and some I have hated. On to my review of this mascara by Marc Jacobs.

I really enjoyed trialling and using this new to me product. As soon as the post arrived, I was very excited. First of all, I love the packaging of the mascara itself. I think it's very sleek and modern looking. The actual mascara tube is fairly chunky in size, unlike most narrow mascara's I've used in the past. I loved this feature because it makes it really easy to use and hold with a good grip for a smooth and steady application. I love this unique shape: sexy!

Although, I received the product free of charge in exchange for an honest review, I have since looked up the size. I actually think for the huge size that is offered, it’s really good value for money.

Using the product is really easy. The wand is perfect and allows you to cover your lashes fully. Once applied the product lasts perfectly for at least 4 hours. It dries quickly, so doesn’t really smudge an d I was pleased that it didn't transfer upon immediate blinking.

It’s very dark and the perfect coverage. My lashes looked much longer and more voluminous despite me thinking they were already long enough.
I was attempting to do a before and after comparison, but for some odd reason, the lighting in the first image is completely different. Nevertheless, I think you can see the results quite well. The first image is my natural lashes. As I've mentioned, I think they are fairly long and black anyway so I don't usually wear mascara. The second image shows only mascara on my left eye and the third image shows mascara on both. 

The only negative I did have was that I didn’t particularly like how the product collected at the tip of the wand. Unfortunately, I've found that most mascara's do this so if you know a trick be sure to let me know! It was difficult to use the full wand because of this. The other downside was that the wand is very thick and chunky so it’s very difficult to get clean coverage on the lower lashes, but perhaps that will come with practice.
I've loved being a part of Influenster. I think it's such an incredibly easy way to receive high quality products for free, in exchange for a number of tasks and an honest review. Personally, I found it quite fun and enjoyed the different tasks in order to achieve the badges associated with this VoxBox.
If you want to join Influenster yourself and get products for free, to review in return, click here and join in with me! You can download the Influenster app on the Google or Apple store.


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