Favourite LipSense Colours (Winter Edition)

You guys might remember when I shared my favourite Summer LipSense colours so I thought it was about time I saved my favourite Winter ones before Winter is over. I'm also doing this as a collab with Midori so be sure to check out her post here.

In the colder months, I love to wear colours that are darker and warmer toned. I think reds, oranges and berries are perfect! Winter is such a cosy month so I love to feel even warmer with my darker lips. With all that being said, let's get right into it.

  1. B. Ruby: This is the colour I am most obsessed with. My friend sent me her tester to try on and I fell in love. I was actually really shocked because I'm not usually one for a bright and dark every day colour but, this was magical. It helped that I just found the perfect festive dress to wear to a family Christmas party too that was almost an exact colour match! 
  2. Fly Girl: Okay, so I know I included Fly Girl in my summer favourites but I still love it. Especially because it is the festive season and coming up to Christmas a red is needed! We do have two red's but I actually prefer this one. 
  3. Lexie Beary: A customer actually bought this and posted a picture and I thought it looked beautiful. I really liked my previous purple colour but I wanted something just a little darker and I thought I matte version was perfect.
  4. Plum Pretty: I was craving a rose gold makeup look so after I searched through the colours, I came across this that was a dark bronze and it matched my eye makeup perfectly. It's now my go-to rose gold piece de la resistance. 
  5. Honey Rose: Shockingly, I was completely out of my comfort zone with trying this. I feel like that's how a lot of my favourite colours go! I loved that it added a perfect pop of colour and with me wearing a lot of black in the winter, I think it's great to brighten up my face. 
Which colour do you like the best? Don't forget, if you want to order any of these yourself, I sell them! Feel free to message me anywhere and I will love to help you out. 

I've also filmed a video version of this so if you want to watch that, be sure to click here or see below.


  1. I would love to buy one from you in the future! They look amazing on you! The only lipsense I have is Dark Pink and I LOVE it. Truly lasts all day like nothing else I've tried. What would you recommend for a gal who loves cool tones and matte colors? Thanks!

    1. That makes me so happy! Yey! Have you ever thought of being a distributor? Dark Pink is great! I think you would really suit Blu-Red, but if you love pinks Goddess is one of my favourites. To really mix it up perhaps Praline Rose or Plum!


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