Meet My Dogs :)

Since mum went on holiday I've been walking the dogs for an hour a day. They are so funny and have such big personalities so I thought I would dedicate a blog post to them! :)

The dogs were gifted to me on my 12th birthday as they were born 3 weeks before my birthday. They were from a friend (my dad's ex girlfriend) so we saw them being born. We have literally been a part of their lives since day 0. Another friend brought their brother so there's three we still see often.

My original baby, the runt of the litter. Well behaved, good listener and appreciative. She is still the smaller the sisters.

The 'extra' dog we came home with on the day we went to pick them up :') She's chunky and was my sisters. Completely loveable, loves hugs, attention, licking people and cuddles.

How to tell them apart?
Holly has the square nose whereas Tilly's is so much longer. Tilly is wider and bigger in general and of course she runs up and expects a cuddle NOW!

Can you tell who's closer?