Top 8 Pet Peeves

Pet Peeve: something that a particular person finds especially annoying. 

1. Smoking. The smell, the taste, the atmosphere...

2. Nail filing. The sound drives me crazy!

3. When people say more than 100% numbers. No. That is impossible! Someone recently text me '110%' but I didn't want to be completely rude so I replied with 'Well that would be impossible'. Hopefully he gets the hint ;)

4. People who tell the same story again...and again...and AGAIN!

5. People who cancel plans last minute. Why waste my time?!

6. Cheats. In all sense of the word but mainly relationships.
7. Push overs: people who don't stick up for themselves and let others walk all over them.

8. Indecisive people who can't make up their minds. If I ask where you want to go, I know where I want to go already but I don't want you to hate my decision and seem controlling.