My 22nd Birthday Haul!

It's a sad time when you realise you've become an adult because it's that moment when you see your presents and realise most of them are money. I appreciate money so much because I can buy the things I want and don't get me wrong, I totally asked everyone for money, but it's a little underwhelming to see the display on your 22nd birthday and see one present.
I am joking...kind of. Who doesn't like opening presents! Plus, I still have all my dad's side to come and apparently mum has some at the farm that didn't quite make it in time before I left for Nottingham again.

So other than lots of money and a couple of cheques, I also got an ASOS voucher and some presents.
From my mum I got a cute bracelet from Joma Jewellery with the message of "A Little Love". My mum's obsessed with these bracelets and my sister's into double digits. I just have 3 at the moment but I'm trying to find a nice way to tell here I don't really want any more. Help!
She also got my some soap in the form of a cupcake which is cute but I don't use hard some so who know's when I'll use that.

Finally, she got me the game Dobble which she was with me when I bought it myself so I'm super confused but hey ho... I now have two. The game I really wanted was Rummikub because I'm obsessed with it at the moment.
Two of my flatmates bought me a ticket to see Dreamboys which will be absolutely hilarious. I'm not sure when we're going yet but apparently we can go to any of the shows so I'll have to look at the tickets.
While another friend got my the cutest necklace with a cute quote on it saying "follow your heart".

What's the birthday card tradition in your family? We always keep cards up for 2 weeks after your birthday before taking them down. As there's no mantle piece around the flat, I decided to put them up on my wall and luckily I have one blank wall left!
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