My Top Book-to-TV Adaptations!

After sharing my top two new shows of 2018 so far last week, today I thought I'd share another television-themed post inspired by Panasonic's HDR TVs. They specialise in high definition televisions, with a sleek design and a beautifully bright, colourful display, perfect for watching all your favourite televisions programmes!

2 of my biggest hobbies to do in my free time are watching television programmes or films and reading books so today's post in combining the two. I'm sharing my favourite book-to-TV adaptations! 

1. The 100
I fell in love with The 100 years ago when I first read the books and while it doesn't quite follow the same story line, it's largely the same characters and just as highly addicting. The last series was incredible and I loved it so much, I just had to review it! This season is already turning out to be just as intense with a new arrival and even more battles to be won. 

2. The Vampire Diaries
I think all teenage girls went through a stage of being addicted to the supernatural genre and after the Twilight series, I read almost every single vampire book on the market. The Vampire Diaries and the subsequent spin of series, The Originals, was one of them. When it became a series I was so excited to see the love triangle on screen. For once, I actually prefer the screenwrite over the book format. I think the TV adaptation is incredible and while it's got the same entwined relationships, the actually events are much more dramatic on screen. Now that it's finished, I'm left with the final episodes of The Originals and while I still compare it to The Vampire Diaries, the most recent season has been truly epic. 

3. Game of Thrones
Speaking of epic, Game of Thrones hits another spot entirely. The fandom is ever growing and despite me not wanting to be enticed, I gave in at season 4 and binge-watched all the episodes ready for the start of season 6. The acting and the staging is completely out of this world and each episode is like an action film. It will always be a firm favourite. I can't even begin to tell you how devastated I am that it's almost coming to an end, but I'm so excited to see these final few episodes and see the conclusion. 

4. Under the Dome 
Under the Dome for me, was one of the most underappreciated shows. I thought the concept was incredible and unique and it's one of the few that I read the book after watching the first season. I was very disappointed when I heard it was cancelled but thought as it was known before filming, the series would end with full closure. I wasn't impressed by the fact they left it hanging, so despite seemingly finishing with the closure needed of the original cast, there was a massive cliff hanger and I'll always be dying to know what was going to happen if it were to continue. 

5. Tess of the d'Urbervilles 
The BBC went through a phase of adapting traditional literature into amazing mini-series and growing up, they became a staple in our household. As a fan of reading, I loved seeing these come to life and with simple acting and drama, they were very true to the original writing. Tess of the d'Urbervilles was easily my favourite and seeing Gemma Arterton start her now-famous acting career, was beautifully unique. Plus, look at how young Eddie Redmayne looks! 

6. Call the Midwife 
How can I not put this in? As a student studying midwifery, I think this one will always be a firm favourite of mine. Even before considering it as a career, I've always been obsessed with motherhood, pregnancy and babies so it ticked many of the boxes. Now, I see it as an incredible career with a character list filled with strong women, doing one of the most incredible jobs. 

7. A Series of Unfortunate Events
I've reviewed this one most recently and although I'm not always being fully convinced by the show, I do think it will forever be one of the best adaptations because of the incredible casting with Neil Patrick-Harris. The best! 

8. True Blood
Are you starting to see a pattern? I think the world went through a huge shift towards supernatural, Vampire concepts for much of my childhood and that's why I'm just as equally as obsessed with True Blood. This show combines all sorts of different creatures in a much darker setting including sex and violence. My family has always been very open and we never had many rules or parental discipline in terms of television so I did watch this from quite a young age, but I went through phases. I was addicted, then didn't watched for a while, then repeat. It wasn't until it was announced it was going to be airing it's final series that I watched all 7 seasons for the summer, ending with the last 2 episodes live. It was perfect.

It's actually really nice to see that some of my TV shows that I wish weren't cancelled were on this list. Of course, there are also some television adaptations that are based on books that I've been very disappointed in, including Shadowhunters and Morganville, both based on the supernatural genre. 

While I was doing  a little bit of research for this post, I was actually quite shocked at how many shows that I love actually are based - albeit somewhat loosely - on books that I've never read. Of course now I'm going to have to read the books too! To name a few: Charmed, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Supergirl, Zoo, Big Little Lies. Were you shocked by any of these?