A Series of Unfortunate Events - Season 2 (Review)

Having loved the 2004 film I was super excited for the reboot in series form. I really enjoyed the odd nature of the first season and like Santa Clarita Diet, I was excited for the second.

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I ended up watching the whole series in 3 days and I think that was a really good idea. I found it quite difficult to get into an episode but by the second, third and fourth in a row, it was great. It's an unusual series and one that does take a little while to adjust to the development and plot, but it's enjoyable. 
As with the first season, I'm amazed by the actors and actresses. Child actors always amaze me and they've certainly picked a great set, including baby Sunny. Of course, Count Olaf played by Neil Patrick Harris is absolutely hilarious and adds so much theatrical prowess to the role.
The extended cast have also been very entertaining. I loved the edition of some of my childhood favourites: Esmé Squalor played by Lucy Punch and Kevin played by Robbie Amell.
The constant change of location and new premise kept me engaged. I love the cyclic nature and slapstick humour, which makes it expected...and now I understand where the name comes from! All of the stories, still more left and I can't wait to see how the story meet's it's ending. From some, I've heard they stay very true to the books so if you were waiting and knew what to expect perhaps the TV show would be a little boring.
I've really enjoyed how they have each book last 2 episodes and then move on. While I thought the first season was perhaps a little slow, this series seems to have more complex elements and as such, they are much faster paced and engaging. I don't think it will ever be a show that will be watched over and over again but I do enjoy being able to relax from life.
Have you ever watched A Series of Unfortunate Events? There really is nothing else like it! What did you think?