The Script - Concert (Review)

It's been a ridiculously long time since I wrote a concert review in detail and that's because I really haven't been going to anywhere as near as many as I used to. Crazily, the last concert before The Script was Capital's Summertime Ball last summer! 
I was umming and ahhing as to whether to actually write a post on The Script but I've done every other concert so I said yes! The reason is because I totally forgot my camera that night so all the videos and pictures are from my phone. It's not the best quality but it's still a memory I want to remember and I'm happy I have them. 

Click here to see the vlog or watch below. 

I was so excited to see The Script and with them being my favourite band of all time, I always love seeing them despite already seeing them live twice. I saw them at Nottingham Motorpoint Arena back in February so it was quite a while ago now but definitely a memorable night. It was actually my first time at the arena having only been to The London O2 Arena and the Wembley Stadium, plus a few small club locations prior but I really enjoyed it. 

I had a fairly decent seat, with being almost straight on to the stage but seated on the second floor tier at the front. It was even better than I was expecting when the show originally opened because the guys began on a smaller stage at the pack of the floor, meaning I had the perfect view. 
The show actually had a very unique opening because they had an almost ceiling-high curtain behind the sound box and I think everyone knew something was going to happen but the way the material got sucked up instead of fall to the ground was really interesting. Plus, with the rising LED lit stage, it made it feel much more inclusive and intimate with those in the back of the arena. I have to say though, if I'd been queuing for as long as some, and paid the amount they had, I would be disappointed that my front row spot was useless. 
Once the boys ran through the crowd to the main stage, it was a fairly simple set with no props but the scenery at the back of each song made from very effective backdrops which suited each song perfectly.
Considering, it was all lighting and camera angles, it was quite amazing to see the range of variations that were possible to create. Some of the songs especially created really protective vessels for showcasing the true meaning of the songs.
 I always love when Danny sings by himself and of course, the big showstopper - The Man Who Can't Be Moved - was originally sung acappello with just the sounds of the audience's voice echoing him back. It was actually a really special moment.
 Like with all concerts, The Script's stage manager also utilised lights and fireworks but honestly, out of all my recent shows, these were probably used the least and while I know is was more likely to do with a budget cut off, I actually found it really refreshing because it meant everyone was more focused on the music...the real reason we're there.
As you can tell, I absolutely loved it and adored everything about the whole night. I especially loved seeing Danny somehow manage to work his way around the whole arena, taking selfie's with everyone while simultaneously singing perfectly and entertaining the rest of the crowd. Much to the dismay of the security, he got very close to some people and there were women screaming the rough down. I was happy to stay in my seat and enjoy from a distance.
I haven't even mentioned the opening act who was absolutely amazing! Ella Eyre absolutely rocked the whole place and totally owned the stage. She really knew how to get the crowd going and I can't wait to see her headline her own tour soon!

Have you seen The Script live? Do you want to?