Your Right to Vote!

Do you live in England, UK? Are you over 18 year old? If you answered yes to both of those questions, today you should be voting! 

For me, voting is such a huge responsibility and one that I don't take lightly. I have always voted in every election that I was eligible to do to, and I will continue to do so forever more. I've also, always felt it was important to share this passion with others. Last year I wrote about another important election and today I just wanted to encourage those who have registered to get to the polling stations before 10pm tonight. 

As I live away from my signed address, I do a postal vote so I sent mine in just over a week ago now. If you didn't register, unfortunately it's too late but here's a reminder for next time. Make sure you make your voice heard. 

Don't be one of the many who say it doesn't matter. If everyone thought that but one, one person would make the decision. Fight for what you want. Fight for who you want. Fight for all you want.