Why Vote?! #NotThe33

So this week's Monday post is a little different but it's also one of the most important posts I will be writing this year so listen up. This may not necessarily apply to everyone immediately but it is completely relatable to so many, or one day soon.

Today is the last day to sign up for the General Elections, here in the UK. This post is part of a social campaign to raise awareness of how important it is to vote. Our country will be going to the polls on June 8th. The last day you can register to vote is May 22nd. Today!

It is so incredibly important to vote and I cannot stress that enough which is why I have teamed up with a group of other lovely bloggers to help raise awareness and promote voting.

I am not writing a post telling you who to vote for. In my opinion, I am happy to share my voting preferences but it is a completely individual and private discussion that should be personally dealt with.

So why should you vote?

At the last General Election in 2015, the turnout was 66.1%. This figure includes spoiled ballot papers. That means that 33.9% did not vote. It also means that the number of people who did not vote outnumbered the votes tallied by any one individual party.

Too many people think that voting isn't important. Too many people think that their vote can't make a difference. Yet these figures show how votes DO make a difference. If all those who think it doesn't make a difference actually voted, then a difference could by made.

In the Local Elections 2 weeks ago, a seat in South Blyth was awarded by drawing straws after there was a tie between the two candidates...the turnout was just 26.6%.

This campaign is being tagged with the hashtag #NotThe33. Be sure to share your own views on Twitter and Instagram and if you tag me, I will try to share as many as possible!

A big thank you to Helen for allowing me to be a part of this campaign. Be sure to see her Twitter (@Helsieboo) for all things related to the project.

Ps. At the time of this post going live, I will probably be sunbathing in the sunny sun of Cape Verde and enjoying myself and relaxing but I hope you will share this post and introduce the idea to so many of your peers, friends and family of all ages should be actively involved in this political event.

So what is important to remember is that today is the very last day to sign up to vote in the UK General Election. Go go GO!