The Reality of a Medic's Revision

I used to love revision - I know, weird - but medicine has made me hate. I seriously didn't get it when people said they hated school because I loved it and I thought learning was so fun and enjoyable. It was where and wanted to be and what I wanted to do.

That's changed. Perhaps it's because I'm finally being challenged or perhaps it's because I'm no longer one of 'the clever one's'...if anything I am now one of 'the dumb one's'. My heart is breaking.

But over the course of the last 3 years (yes I know, year 2 but 3 years at uni, long story) I have struggled during the exam season and I thought I would finally share the reality of studying medicine.

Not literally self-harm but while I'm sitting their revising and trying to take everything in, I sit there picking spots, biting my arm, finger plucking my eyebrows and even picking my nose to the point of it bleeding!

I'm not a massive outdoor person but HAVING to be inside all the time is defintely frustrating. Just opening a window isn't enough. Especially when it's sunny and hot outside. Oh it would be lovely to go for a walk.

Bladder Bursting
One of the easiest ways to motivate myself to finish a certain topic is to give myself a goal and not letting myself go to the toilet until I finish that section. That way I tend to stay wide awake and go through it so much pressure. Adrenaline rush!

Greasy Hair, Don't Care
I mean I don't wash my hair lots at the best of times but during exam season it's lucky to be washed once a week... eek.

I swear, when you're trying to put revision off, it's so much easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Whenever and however. While reading in bed, sitting on a desk, in someone else's room!

I swear I'm not a moody person except to my mum and little sister but boiiii my flatmates. Jees. No thank you.

Before and after each exam I couldn't be bothered and didn't have time to cook. The day before my first I had a Just Eat takeaway (£10 off with my code uberEats-hansla), then McDonald's after, Dominoes the next two nights. The next week I had KFC and then for the last exam I went to the beautiful Italian, ASK. You have to find someway to celebrate right?!

After speaking to others in the same boat, I am so glad I am not the only one going through some of these emotions and events too. Eek.

Ps. I know these aren't healthy and I am trying to prevent myself from doing some of them. For resit's I plan on getting a fidget dice. Wish me luck.