South Beach Pestana Hotel - Miami (Review)

I've been wanting to write up some reviews from Miami for a while now but I haven't just around to doing it. I'm sure you all saw how much I absolutely loved my holiday and South Beach Pestana Hotel - Miami was the hotel I stayed in on the incredible, all expenses paid trip.

With so many activities (jet skiing, dolphin watching, speed boats, helicopters!) I could write an endless list of reviews but to start I'd thought I'd share what I thought of the hotel.

South Beach Pestana Hotel - Miami is not necessarily the 4* hotel I’m used the but nevertheless it is lovely.

The breakfast was good but basic. One thing that stood out to me was the fact that fruit was mixed rather than individually cut up. I think I'm used to all inclusive resorts so it was strange only having breakfast included in the package. The one downside of this is that the drink prices at the bar are an absolute rip off! We didn't even attempt the food...
When I go on holiday I love to swim. The pool was nice but it was rather small. Unfortunately, because of the size of the courtyard, the buildings either side shade the pool for the majority of the day. This does make it rather chilly but refreshing on hot days.
When we walked into the hotel room, I think we were both really pleasantly surprised. The room was really nice. There was lots of storage space and I absolutely loved the bathroom fixtures. Unfortunately, it was fairly dirty, especially the bathroom where their was a layer of dust around the feature wall. Also, the double beds are definitely three quarters although to be fair, living in student accommodation, it still seemed like luxury.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the whole stay as the staff were so nice but I was definitely disappointed that some of them couldn’t understand English. It was infuriating to try and explain a courtesy room. On our last day we left at 9am but the only way we could have a shower on the return from our day trip was if we paid $15 an hour. We were going to be out until 5pm and only wanted to shower at night to get ready! There was absolutely no concept of a complementary - or even 1 hour paid for - courtesy room in the slightest. I had to shower in public, in the outdoor, ice cold pool shower. Let's just say I was freezing.

Four points that stood out to me the most were that the WiFi was amazing! It was super fast and accessible anywhere in the whole facility complex. I also loved that they arranged Uber lifts for us. For some reason my account wouldn't allow me to order in the US, because it wouldn't switch from the UK version but the hotel organised all our trips for us and charged the room with the cost, plus a small fee for processing. The final great thing was that there was always space, granted we went in the quiet season but it seemed to be a fully booked hotel so it was nice to always find a spot around the pool. Finally, it was an absolutely perfect centrally located hot spot and so close to the beach that we managed to visit everyday. It was lovely to walk along the sea front in the evening, after a scrumptious meal.
I loved having the space outside, especially the secret escape I found on the last day. The reception was cosy and overall, it was a great place to be for the 4 nights we were there. I would defintely recommend it if your looking to be more of a tourist than a relaxing hotel holiday location.