Ineffables - Personalised Jewellery (Review)

A couple of months ago, I was offered a choice of beautiful personalised jewellery from Ineffables. They specialise in name necklaces and while, I chose to get it in silver but you can also get it in gold and rose gold.
I loved the packaging that they came in. They arrived quickly and safely. The jewellery boxes are beautiful and the very sparkly, black boxes are stunning. They come enclosed in a cardboard sleeve to protect from damage during transit and in the package there is also a gift bag for if you want to get them as a present for someone. Additionally, each item comes with a cleaning cloth and a little jewellery bag which is great. I loved all these little extra's and thought it made for a great packaging design.
I chose 2 pieces of jewellery: a name necklace in silver and a heartbeat ring.
There are so many different styles and options for the name necklaces but I went for Personalised Name Necklace 925 Sterling Silver. Originally, I'd ordered the gold so I was a little disappointed but it actually is perfect. I have worn it on numerous occasions and I really do love it. The name plate is really sturdy and high quality. I love the writing font and one concern I has was that it may be hard to read but it's not at all. The one negative is that, unfortunately, the very first time I wore it, the chain did break. It's a very delicate chain and the slightest pull can easily break it. Luckily, I have a jeweller as a friend and she managed the fix it for me. Having said that, of course, it has put me off wearing it slightly in fear of it breaking again.
The second product was completely unexpected but I was over the moon when I got to pick a second. I loved this Sparkling Heart Beat Ring Sterling Silver which I got in a Size 6. At the time of selection, it was really special for me and being involved in the healthcare industry I thought it was appropriate. Honestly, I love it! It's even prettier in person and it totally sparkles in the light. It's stunning! 
I think it sits really well on my finger, it's the perfect fit and unlike most rings, it doesn't rotate throughout the day. It stays in position great. The only downside, if anything is that because of the sharp edges, it can get caught on clothing, for example delicate silk material. Nevertheless, I love it and wear it constantly!
Overall, I'm really impressed with Ineffables and love my pieces. At the moment they have lots of price cuts on many pieces of their jewellery making them almost half price! Let me know if you get anything and don't forget to tag me @hannahelizabethblog on Instagram if you grab anything!