Debate, Heat Wave and a Busy Day!

With debate prep galore, the heatwave provided a welcome excuse to head into town before concentrating on the debate. After the celebrations, I had the flat to myself and had a busy day organising my life! 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

Being a tea captain for a debate assessment was a heck of a lot more work than I had orgininally anticipated but after chasing a few people up, I finally felt like it was all going to come together. I spend a couple of days putting it all together and then Sam and I headed out to celebrate finishing writing it in town. We both went to the opticians and she got the cutest glasses. I actually really enjoyed it and thought Specsavers were brilliant. For lunch, we went to my favourite restaurant of TGI Friday's before strolling through the town centre. It was crazy busy and there were so many people in the water feature in front of square. It was crazy! I was still so stuffed from lunch but Sam grabbed a quick ice cream on the way back.

I finally got rid of all my little names on my board. I really needed to start writing down notes for the assessments so unfortunately it was bye bye!
If anyone's heard of Uber, the taxi app, they recently launched a Rider's Community where you can earn Uber gift cards for filling in questionnaires, posting responses and answer questions. This week's was interesting with the method of transport between common locations the goal.
While I was doing lots of work, I went to the gym 4 times in the week to get me doing a little something other than sitting in front of my computer. I love going later in the evening when it's quiet because I usually have the whole of the women's gym to myself...bliss!
The night before the debate was a little crazy. With all of us rehearsing our own sections, we got to listen to and practice in front of each other. I filmed myself for my own benefit, to make sure I felt I was presenting well but I thought some of the clips were super cut so head over to the vlog to see them.

When we got back the next day, we were all so relieved that it's over. I'm just so pleased with how it all went and fingers crossed we all passed. To celebrate, we all got Dominoes and treated ourselves. I also got the amazing Domino cookies! Yum!
I decided to go to the gym beforehand and didn't want to go out in the evening, but everyone else got glammed up ready for a night out to town. I joined in with the prinks beforehand but then happily enjoyed the peace and quiet to get a good night's sleep. 
It was nice to wake up in the morning to everyone chilling and relaxing in bed. We all talked and discussed the night out and then all the girls left and headed home ready for a week of writing essays.