Wollaton Park and The Script!

After reuniting with an old friend, we spent the afternoon at Wollaton Park and I had a blast at my first concert this year...The Script! Absolutely amazing although I did lose my camera so the quality was terrible and I had no storage space left. Nightmare!

Click here to for the vlog or watch below!

An emotional few days called for the perfect opportunity for my beautiful college friend, Rachel, to take me on a trip to explore Wollaton Park. I absolutely loved it. It was so serene and beautiful and defintely somewhere my dad would love.

It was a surprisingly warm day for early-February and with my arm aching from a disastrous blood test, it was a pleasant distraction. I have no idea what the nurse was doing but she literally went in 3 times and wiggled it about. It was the worst and I was so bruised!
On Friday, I decided to head to the gym a little late because I was busy essay writing. I haven't written an essay in so long, it can defintely be draining at times. Nevertheless, I had 40 minutes before closing and ended up heading for a quick half an hour workout. Anything is better than nothing right? Every little helps!
 The sunset was absolutely beautiful too.
Of course, the highlight of the week was seeing The Script in concert. I had an absolutely amazing time. It was beyond incredible and I was amazed by it all. It's my first concert outside of London so it was defintely different but it was also strange seeing The Script again after so many years. 
 I am still so sad I lost my camera - it has since been found - but nevertheless, a great night!

 Here's to more happy memories, moments and music!