Favourite LipSense Colours! (Valentine's Day Edition)

It is so close to Valentine's Day now and with less than 2 weeks to go, I thought it was about time I shared my top 5 colours for Valentine's. Of course, it's all about the pinks and reds but with so many LipSense options in our 50 colour range, it was defintely hard to narrow down my selection.

  1. Fly Girl: I feel like this colour has made an appearance in all of my Favourite LipSense Colour editions (Summer and Winter) and even though I don't wear it all that often, if I wanted a true red, this is the one I would always pick. It's the perfect red lip. 
  2. Aussie Rose: For an added shimmer to your lip colour, I love this pink in Aussie Rose. It's one of the first colours I've bought so it will forever be a favourite. 
  3. Plumeria: Spice up the night with this hot pink colour. I love this one to bring some spark into a look.
  4. Roseberry: Torn between red and pink? This is the perfect in between colour. It's not quite red or pink but I love that it can tone down a look while still adding the colour.
  5. Goddess: Finishing with this beautiful pink. It started as a limited edition colour and because it was so popular, it's been moved to our permanent line up. I love this soft pink and I think it's perfect for Valentine's. This will be my colour this year! 

I hope you got a little inspiration from seeing my Valentine's Day picks. Ps. If you order any of these colours OR buy a starter kit before February 14th you can get 10% off your order if you quote "YOUTUBE"!

Click here to watch the video or see below.