The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (Review)

The final instalment of The Maze Runner trilogy has finally been released at a somewhat delayed schedule, thanks to injuries during filming. The first film was absolutely amazing! I was obsessed and watched it every day for a week. The Scorch Trials was a disappointing sequel in comparison but nevertheless  I was so excited to see the third!

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I think the film begins perfectly and picks up right where The Scorch Trials finishes. I love when films do that because I think it really is such a good beginning. I always tend to re-watch the movies that have been released in the series prior to watching the new films so I personally love it when you don't have to go through a torturous recap in order to understand them. Having said that, it does mean you can't jump into the franchise for the third film alone. It would make NO sense!
Despite that, one of the things I love about The Maze Runner is that they always start the films with incredible action packed scenes from the get-go. In the first few seconds you are immediately in awe and questioning what's going to happen and that is a great way to engage and interact with the audience. 
Unfortunately, that's about where the positives stop. I did enjoy it but I was also disappointed. I think that the 3 year gap between the previous film was just a touch too long. I feel like I, along with other fans of the franchise, lost the huge passion that the series ignited within. Having said that, I am so happy that the film made it to release because I was (and still am) devastated that Divergent will never be finished in movie form.
I thought the technology developments were really clever. I loved how they continue to combine the older, dated world to a modern and advanced city with amazing developments. I also thought the special effects were really amazing. Especially in the final few scenes.

I think it's a really interesting storyline because unlike similar films in the genre which are ultimately unrealistically, despite this being a dystopia, it is actually based on principles with the main goal to benefit society with a cure. Perhaps, they do end up going about it the wrong way but it's a change from the entertainment factor The Hunger Games is based upon.
I've always thought the films for The Maze Runner franchise stayed pretty true to the book stories but so much better. They are incredibly fast paced, compared to the slow hard to read books. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the added scenes during this film and enjoyed some of the more shocking aspects a lot.
Overall, I did enjoy the movie but I didn't think "Wow! I have to watch that again right now!" which does in a way make me sad. I would 100% say it was better than the second but it's defintely not as good as the first.