Black Panther (Review)

Black Panther is the latest release from the Marvel franchise and what a film it was! Click here to watch the trailer or see the trailer below. 
Having not seen the trailer or any promotional material for the film, I was not at all aware of what the film was about but I'm a massive fan of the Marvel franchise and love the entire film and TV series. I went in expecting something that was very different from what was shown but I actually really loved it. It was a much more mature film and as such, had a totally different, more adult vibe. There were many different themes and intertwining plots, making it slightly more complicated that a traditional Marvel film but the complexity was actually really refreshing and unique. 
Like I said, I was completely unaware of the plot before going in but I really enjoyed how quickly the action started. I loved how it introduced the film and Wakanda world, which was very impressive. THe futuristic special effects brought the worlds together and it also, in a way, represented third world and first world problems which we see in today's society. Unlike the real world where we can somewhat distance ourselves, the film shows these two landscapes side by side and I think it was really eye-opening.
The cast was perfect and powerful. There were moments of magic when everything clicked and I love how they explored each individuals strength and courage. It was quite amazing to see so much power and determination across the film.
I'm not usually one to comment on race or diversity within film because I personally accept what had been delivered but I really enjoyed seeing an entire cast which embraced diversity and addressed the lack of it within the current accepted media. 
As I'm sure you can from the handful of stills I've included in this post, the costumes were incredible! I love all of them and I love how they feature both the modern aspects as well as traditional Africa attire, plus mix with modern day outfits.
I have to say, one of my favourite aspects was the powerful women showcased. I love how they continued on from Wonder Woman and showed how powerful women can be, not just with physical strength but also relied upon to protect and the brains to create. With International Day of Women coming up, I can think of no better time to once again shine a spotlight for feminists everywhere to stand up and cheer about. I'm proud of all those being excelled in all aspects of life.
Overall, I thought the film was a little more complex than I had anticipated and I had to concentrate a lot harder than previous Marvel films to understand and engage with the plot. I really enjoyed it but it's a movie that would require me to think, rather than sit back and relax.

Have you seen it? What do you think?