Being a YouTuber: 5 Things I Love and 5 Things I Hate

I've had my blog and YouTube channel for almost 5 years now and while I wouldn't class myself as anything huge, I've recently been introduced to the term micro-influencer which I love. In some small ways, I've heard from readers and viewers that the content I have put out there has helped them. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Of course, with the good, comes the bad and that's what this post is about.

I've teamed up with Aliesha Wyatt to give you an insight into life as a small YouTuber. She shares her 5 favourite and 5 least favourite things about her channel. Self described as a shy girl who really enjoys sharing her life with a bunch of strangers online. She has very recently started focusing on blogging, vlogging, and content creating.
5 Things I Love
1. Genuine Companies: I have met so many amazing companies and entrepreneurs which I genuinely could rave about for hours, sometimes it really amazes me the generosity of these business’! I really am so grateful for them.
2. Free Gifts: Similarly, to the point I made above, Companies send me all sorts of free stuff that I genuinely love and wouldn’t promote if I don’t enjoy, sometimes it’s just $3 worth of products, sometimes its $300 worth!! #Blessed.
3. Career Opportunities: I never really know what life is going to throw at me when I get an email or message from a company. It really keeps me on my toes sometimes! Sometimes I’ll create 30 promotional photos, promotional videos, sometimes it’s even Snapchat and Instagram story takeovers!
4. Amazing Friendships: Making friends with business owners and other Influencers, is one of my favourite things, I really wouldn’t have this amazing job and follower base without people helping build me up.
5. The Unknown: Its super hard to predict what my social media will throw at me and I really wouldn’t have it any other way! I am so lucky to be able to create content for brands, to promote ethical small businesses, and to give people like myself a voice! I cannot wait to keep growing in myself and for my socials to continue growing and giving me all these amazing opportunities!

5 Things I Hate
1. People Who Don’t Understand My Dedication to Getting That Perfect Insta Shot or Youtube Clip: I’m not joking, I will spend twenty minutes in one place taking the same photo over and over again until I’m happy, I am committed. I Really hate it when people judge me, photobomb, or when my friends and family get annoyed at me. Like, please... THIS IS MY JOB.
2. Gaining Companies Trust and Marketing Yourself: This is a necessary evil, you really need to market yourself when you are a smaller account, this is how I get by. I spend at least 30 minutes a day strategizing and trying to sell myself to companies. It’s kind of Hell on earth sometimes.
3. No Stable Income: I’m not promised any pay at all, every week. I work very very hard to get my name out and market myself so that I can afford to live.
4. Competition: There’s SO MUCH competition. Social media is a massive platform, but the more competition, the harder it is for me to create a loyal relationship with companies and with other influencers. I really struggle sometimes getting work because there are already so many people doing the same thing as I am, but with more followers, so I need to really push myself to create content that’s better than those accounts. Create unique ideas and execute everything perfectly.
5. Fake Followers: This is honestly everyone in the industries biggest pet peeve, Like I might have more engagement, more likes and comments than a page with 100k followers (I don’t, but just an example hahah), I can create better content, but that bigger account will still get the job because of their fake follower count. It gets super Discouraging sometimes.

Aliesha's Advice:
I would recommend networking with like-minded people, finding Facebook pages and groups has really helped me. Also, creating standout content consistently has really pushed me ahead in terms of getting jobs, and feeling more confident in my account and future in social media.

I thought this was so interesting to read and I hope you did too. If you would like to hear more from Aliesha, be sure to check her out on FacebookInstagram and YouTube.