11 TV Shows I Wished Weren't Cancelled!

Watching a Christmas film this past festive season, I was reminded of a great TV Show that I used to watch. It got me thinking about all the series' that I used to watch before they were cancelled. While there are many more that I would have loved to continue to watch, if they were planned finishes like Charmed, One Tree Hill, Chuck and The Vampire Diaries, I have chosen not to include them in my list because the shows at least have closure.
Here are the top 10 shows that were cancelled way before there time!

  1. Witches of East End - I loved the book series and got the whole family addicted to the modern version of Charmed. I was so sad when it was cancelled and left the whole story at a complete cliff hanger. 
  2. Life Unexpected - Even though this did somewhat end nicely, I still wanted more from this series. 
  3. FlashForward - This was probably the most shocking cancelled show because the clever vision premise was just way before it's time and super exciting. 
  4. The Tomorrow People - Since this show was cancelled, there have been multiple new shows with the same idea. I loved the whole location and setting for this, plus the relationships and the cast made the show.
  5. Powerless - Honestly, I can understand why this was cancel but I LOVED how easy this was to watch with Vanessa Hudgens leading the cast.
  6. Clipped - Another comedy with an ex-castmate from High School Musical (Ashley Tisdale) but again, I loved it!
  7. Under the Dome - While I could have been more than happy with the ending to the show, they had to add a final scene which gave way to another series which never came. It infuriated me so much! 
  8. The Secret Circle - With a third mention of Britt Robertson and another witch show, can you tell what I like? I loved this and with it being based on LJ Smith's book, I really wanted to see more!
  9. Pushing Daisies - This was also before it's time and at the time, I remembered it being so different to everything else - bringing things back from the dead! - I absolutely loved it! 
  10. Dirty Sexy Money - I probably shouldn't have watched this at the time but my blame my mum! The Darling family showed me that money doesn't buy everything. 
  11. Melissa and Joey - This was a new find for me, just this past month and I was obsessed! I've finished watching it now and I am so sad that it's over. 
I wonder if any of these shows will ever come back. What TV show do you regret being cancelled?


  1. I’ve never heard of these, I’ll have to look them up! I blog about rubbish TV, so lots of the shows I’ve written about have been cancelled. They weren’t very good, but fun to make fun of!

    1. Yey! Let me know what you think! That sounds hilarious. I mean some of these are probably bad but I love them anyway <3

  2. Omg! I LOVE Life unexpected! ❤️πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  3. Great point! Missing some of these series!


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