Car Shopping and a Crazy Day!

Spending a few days at home called for car shopping and meeting up with a friend. It all got a little crazy so STORYTIME! 

Click here for the vlog or watch below!
We had a long weekend break with 3 days of Self Directed Learning (SDL) so I went home for just under a week. It was defintely nice to go back. It's odd, I've never felt homesick before. If you've been following me for a while you may know that I studied for three years in London. Back in my very first term of first year, I didn't go back once. I feel like Nottingham is so different compared to the capital. Let's face it, the public transport is defintely more temperamental.

We went to Costco with grandma and she made me laugh so much. I got lots of free snacks while walking around and the sunset was absolutely stunning.
We ended up having a Chinese takeaway and finished it with some melt in the middle chocolate pudding. Seriously...heaven! I ended up stealing another for the day after too.
I very rarely have baths but when I do, it's always a Lush bath. I love how relaxing they can be. I got quite a few products for Christmas but unusually, I hadn't used any until this weekend. It was a new product and not quite by usual bath but I watched some training videos while lying back.
Since we got cows at the farm, we moved the horses down to my uncle's side. I much prefer the horses so when the cows got sold back in August I was begging to bring the horses back. Well, the day after I left for Nottingham they came back! I was so annoyed but at least now they're just a few steps away from my front door. Katie got a little injured during a recent storm so she's not back just yet but I'm thankful the others are happy to be home.
One of my goals for the weekend was to go car shopping. A few of the manufacturers are based towards where I used to go to school so we decided to head back to the local cafe for lunch beforehand. It was a big tradition of ours back in the day and I was so excited for my cupcake but much to my disappointment, they had none! Honestly, I was devastated! Who would have thought!?
I'm so torn on cars. 6 hours later, talking to so many dealerships and I have no idea what to do still. I was originally going to go for a second hand car but I don't have a clue what I'm looking for in terms of whether it's a good car or not. After going to a handful of different manufacturers, I'm torn between a Citroen C1 and a Ford Fiesta. I love the Citroen package but I very much prefer the Ford car. It's a lot to think about. Honestly, I thought I'd decided on the C1 but then the manager came over, was super pushy and completely ruined by happy place.
The next evening I headed to town for tea to meet Alice. We went to Pizza Express as has become tradition and honestly, everything that could go wrong, absolutely did! If you want a full Storytime, head over to my YouTube channel and watch the vlog. It was CRAZY!

She is so sweet and I love being able to spend time with her. Without a doubt, one of my best friends. We don't speak a lot but if we're ever free, we drop each other a text and have a lovely catch up together.
I had booked a train home but mum said she'd taken the day off so could drive me instead. Obviously, it's a lot easier to drive so I was all up for it, plus I had bought a handful of items from Costco in bulk. toilet paper, brownies and apples were obviously the most important.

To my surprise, grandma came too! In my three years of living away, I never once had a visit from her so it was nice to have her over. She was shocked at how nice it was so that was very much a win! Unusually though, I was quite sad to see them go...