Giant Christmas Crackers - Christmas Special 2017!

Family and presents defintely make my Christmas. I hope you all had a wonderful festive celebration and enjoyed yours too! 

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On Christmas Eve we went to a friends house for 'pie and peas'. Honestly, I was quite disappointed in how long we were there for because mum forced us to come back very early. Jess and I did have some fun playing operation with Harriet though. She is so sweet!
When we got back, they decided to open presents. I thought we were waiting until midnight so that is was actually Christmas Day but they didn't so I ended up opening presents alone. It was actually quite lonely and not how I wanted to start the day at all.
Either way I still got lots of nice presents and I can't wait to use them all. Some of the things were on my wish list and others are going to be very practical come university.
Before heading to bed, I curled my hair so the curls were a little looser for the morning. I loved how they turned out. I wore my Amazon purple dress and paired it with a full face of Senegence makeup, with Napa LipSense. I thought it looked perfect!
The Christmas table is always laid a couple of days before and food preparation is done the morning before so it's a little less stressful With silver as the colour scheme, there were crackers and pretty napkins ready for the meal.
We always do Christmas lunch and to be honest, I never considered doing it at any other time until I heard a lot of people say they have their Christmas meal at tea time. Personally, I like having it for lunch then nibbling in the evenings while playing games.
Lunch was super yummy and despite Marks and Spencer's messing up our order, the food we did eventually receive was nice. I loved our pigs and blankets and Yorkshire puddings! For dessert there were so many choices from yule log, Chrstimas pudding and melt in middle chocolate cake.
We ended up playing just a handful of games. The Chase was slightly too complicated so instead we opted for Trivial Pursuits 2000s edition followed by a game of poker. Grandma love poker and her face is just hilarious; I ended up coming second but only won £10 so I was somewhat disappointed. To finish, we played Who's In The Bag. Personally, I hate it because no one plays my the rules and it always turns into an argument to say the least.
Family is everything and my cousins, mum and grandma are the best!

Once everyone left, I went to my room and watched Call the Midwife followed by Victoria for the two Christmas specials. A perfect end to my Christmas Day. 

For Boxing Day, mum's family meet up again and go for a fancy meal somewhere far away. I usually don't go because it's just a lot of family time but mum paid for me this year so I didn't have much of choice. I was planning on wearing a slightly paler and more summery dress but it was freezing cold so I opted for a more appropriate Simple Be dress. I paired it once again with my Senegence makeup look but this time wore Bombshell LipSense.
I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the meal was! I usually don't go because I rarely like the food on offer and I can't stand paying so much just have Christmas.
With melon, posh fish and chips and warm brownie, I was stuffed and happy!
So to everyone reading, thank you so much for joining me for 2017. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the new year!