My First Week of Midwifery!

It's all about memories. This week's been a little emotional but let's face it, that's what comes with changes! I've just moved, made new friends and started a new course. 

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I wanted to share how I felt going into and coming out of each day of university. It's funny because I didn't expect to feel some of the things I did but it was interesting. It also meant I could take a lip picture every day. Having accomplished the 50 shades in 50 days challenge, I haven't been used to taking it each day so it's defintely something to get back into. 
Usually, I'm the one to beg my friends for pictures so I absolutely love that my flatmate wanted to take one. I think it's so sweet that we have this photo of us walking into the hospital and the very first day and I can't wait to take another one - hopefully - in 3 years time. It's going to be special to experience this whole thing together. 
We ended up going to register with the GPs about half way through the week. I was umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether to do it but it would be stupid of me not to, in all honesty, given it is a 36 month course. Luckily, I had my ID with me but annoyingly some of the others had yet to get theirs so they weren't allowed to sign up. I'm guessing they'll go sometime next week...?
I have to say, the actual content of the course this week has been quite boring. Honestly, it should have been expected. Obviously they have to introduce us to people and the university and some of the information is really important. I can defintely appreciate that, having used a lot of the principle information during my last course. It's just a lot to take in, one after the other.

The best part was getting our uniforms! Personally, I much prefer the tunic because the dresses look HUGE but I can't wait to get them all in a few weeks time.
Friday was the hard day for me. I think everything just got too much and as you could probably tell in the vlog I was a complete mess.

Speaking to some of the other students and hearing the teachers throughout the week go on about how hard we worked to be here and how so many people want to do the course, but can't. Honestly? I felt completely unworthy. I don't think I really deserve to be here. I didn't go through all the pressure and hard work to get to here and I feel guilty. I feel guilty that I didn't. At the same time, it's not where I ever saw myself either. I never dreamed of this and it's actually really hard to accept that the vision I always had for myself will never be accomplished.

But in the grand scheme of things, Midwifery is a course I have a huge passion for and that's what I have to remember. I have to remind myself that it's not far from the goal I had and it's probably going to be more so what I actually enjoy. I can't wait for practice to start because I think that's when everything will truly click.

That feeling and then being left alone at university was heartbreaking. I felt completely left out and deserted. It's been nice to walk around as a huge group so I literally - and somewhat stupidly - felt completely abandoned having to walk back alone. I spoke to my neighbour once I returned to the flat and bless her, she felt terrible. Apparently, they didn't realise until they were half way home and I don't know whether to be sad that they forgot about me or happy that they didn't mean to leave me. Haha LOL!

Then the whole sleep thing. You guys know I love sleep and I was so over tired. It's been so nice getting to know all my flatmates but we stay up until SO late! I was literally exhausted and desperate for a nap before a night out. Let me just say, that clip was filmed after I'd just be awaken with loud music and I was pissed, with a headache. Obviously it was stupid because I quickly overcame that I got ready for a lovely night out!
I'm not a big partier but once I'm ready I do usually end up loving it. I can't even begin to say how much I love having flatmates that I actually like and get on with. It's such a different experience to have friends to live with. My first and second year was hard because the accommodation experience was really difficult. It was literally kitchen to cook and then I stayed in my room the rest of the time. We spoke briefly but never really connected. Last year was different, I did get on with my flatmates but by that point I'd known them for 2 years already so we were friends.

Until this year, I've never become so close to a group of people so quickly. It feel amazing to be able to confide and be honest with a set of girls. We all get on so well (at least I think we do!) and I really do feel so comfortable with them. To be quite frank, I'm not sure how I'd survive if I didn't! Literally, my first year flatmates NEVER saw me without makeup. I literally walk around all the time without makeup and I genuinely don't think they' judge me...I hope.

After telling them about LipSense, a few of them decided they wanted to try it on. I absolutely loved it. I was totally in my element and I love this shot! I look so professional! 

So the night out was amazing! I had an absolute blast. One of the girls arranged to meet the 1709 cohort but as we arrived at Turtle Bay, there was the 1609 cohort there as well. It was so nice to get to know other people from the course but further along, at different stages. They were all so nice and welcoming, giving lots of helpful advice.

After that we headed to Rock City. I haven't been to a nightclub in well over a year - I think - so I was a little nervous but it was fun. It came to a very abrupt end with having to go home a little earlier. Given that we had to pay £5 I was very disappointed but quite honestly, once we were home we had an absolute blast. It was beyond hilarious and defintely a night I will remember forever. Thanks girls! Here's to many - okay not too many - more...
Everyone woke up super early the next morning, considering the night before. I literally have no idea how they all were so perky. I was super tired still so it was pretty impressive considering I was the only one that didn't drink at all. I have no idea how they bounce back so easily!

It feels so weird driving around the city I study in. Living in London, obviously no student drives but it's amazing to have the ability to just jump in and be taxi-ed around. We headed to town to do some tasks and get some kitchen storage items as well.
I have no idea what this building is but it is defintely beautiful lit up at night. I just had to take a picture to remember the outing.