The Book Club (Review)

The Book Club is the latest rom-com to be released at the cinema and I was lucky enough to see a preview a couple of weeks ago! Click here for the trailer or watch below. 
The trailer made it look like the film focused on a book club discussing the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Well I thought it looked hilarious and I couldn't wait. Having now seen the film, it is so much more than that. It's about life long friendship, the ups and downs of relationships, having the courage to change your life for the better. It's romantic and hilarious, and cute and powerful. It's perfect.
I loved the premise for this story. An incredible group of powerful women who have not only been friends with each other for years, but made a pact, a promise, and stuck with it. Each of the characters had something completely different and they weren't necessarily the same people but they had a connection. It makes me have hope that I'll be friends with my university friends for years and I really hope that will be true.  
The humour was hilarious. The whole audience was laughing in some points and I loved it. I loved that it wasn't just crude but instead witty and clever. It was captivating and each unique character had their own type of humour. It was cleverly interwoven into the speech rather than a separate element so it felt very natural. 
I love films where there are different storylines but the characters are also a part of each other's lives. Love Actually, He's Just Not That Into You and my personal favourite, New Year's Eve, are just a few of the films that do this incredibly well but in a sense, this was a great mini version.
Likewise, the film isn't about Fifty Shades as anticipated, but about a group of ladies who really share some truly meaningful lessons with the audience. I think if you take the time to appreciate the film as a piece, it is actually an incredibly well designed piece and one that we can learn a lot from.
One of the things I thought was interesting was this was defintely a film with the older audience in mind. Nowadays, younger generational television and film has bi-racial couples and a mixture of homo- and hetero- sexual relationships. Everyone in this film was white and straight. Now it doesn't bother me in the slightest but I thought it was an interesting point.
Like I said at the's romantic and hilarious, and cute and powerful. It's perfect. It came out in the UK today and you should go watch it!