Owning My Own Business - Anniversary Giveaway!

I've just celebrated my one year anniversary of my business, Hannah's Lips UK, working as an Independent Distributor of SheerSense. I have absolutely loved being a part of such an amazing company and I've also loved being able to share such an incredible opportunity with so many women. One of the things that has really motivated me is my ability to empower women through both the products and the opportunity, daily. It's incredible rewarding and so today I thought I would share a little bit more about it
Senegence is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was founded by the incredible Joni Rogers-Kante in 1999. She began by wanting to create products that actually worked and we not only good for you, but good for the environment. We promise to always use vegan, gluten free and wax free ingredients that are 99% based on naturally reoccurring minerals. All our products are 100% animal cruelty free and that is a promise that Joni herself will never break. Our products will never be sold in countries that require animal testing to be done prior, like China. 

Our premier product is LipSense, a long-lasting, smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-proof lip colour. It comes as a 3 part set with a permeable lip colour which lasts 4-18 hours, a moisturising gloss which containing vitamin E and shea butter and our signature Ooops! remover which safely and effectively removes the colour at the end of the day. It is still our biggest product and it's obvious as to why, you never have to reapply! We now we have over 50 colours available, with limited edition colours being brought out seasonally. 

The product list is constantly expanding and we now specialise in long-lasting makeup and skincare that actually works as anti-ageing due to including our patented Sene-Plex Complex system which is a kinetic enzyme which increases cellular renewal by rushing skin cells to the surface 23% faster than normal. To see the full range or products or to purchase any simply head to my shop.

I've recently shared a little bit more about the business side of things on Lylia Rose's Mum's Making Money series so be sure to check out the post if you're interested. You can also see my website or simply email me if you would like more information.

Onto the interesting part! This giveaway is completely free to enter, although placing an order does gain more entries. It is open to anyone within the UK or Ireland and it really is worth it! 

I am giving away one free unicorn colour that is no longer available anywhere in the world! It is Berry LipSense, a beautiful cool-toned, deep purple colour. To see more pictures of the colour, swatches and product shots, head to my Facebook group

To enter simply head over to my Facebook Group, also known as my VIP Customer Group, and join. You can enter in 3 different ways (plus an exclusive bonus entry) and the amount of entries is unlimited. 
  1. Add friends to this group and tag them in the comments below this post. For every 5 friends added, you will get 1 entry into the draw. 
  2. Place an order. For every £5 spent, you will get 1 entry into the draw. 
  3. Fill in the Google Document. This can only be done once!
  4. Exclusively to this post, leave a comment below to get another entry into the draw! In order for this to count, you must also be in my group so make sure to either leave your Facebook name in the comment as well or email me a screenshot of your comment to this email address
You have until the end of June to enter and I will be going LIVE to do a random number draw, to announce the winner. Good luck!