Summer Ball and Bridget's Birthday!

Last weekend was perfect in every way. I delivered my first baby, we attended the most beautiful Summer Ball and celebrated a lovely friend's 22nd! 

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What a week! I had the most amazing time on placement and thoroughly enjoyed all the activities on the weekend and luckily after 3 night shifts, I wasn't too tired. 

The Summer Ball was an almost last minute event that we got an email bout just a few weeks before. I had been craving a ball and unfortunately no one could come to the Nursing and Midwifery Association Ball due to shifts and other conflicting plans. Well, I thought this was a sign and jumped on the opportunity to buy a ticket. In all honesty, for £10 I wasn't expecting all that much and I was just looking forward to a night to get dressed up and have fun with friends. 

There was slight drama in the flat so some of the girl unfortunately ended up deciding not to come, but nevertheless, the 6 of us had the most amazing time. Sleeping from my night shift, gave me just 2 hours to get completely ready before joining everyone outside to take some group pictures. I love that everyone likes to take pictures because you all know I do! 

Bridget is honestly the friend I've always craved and prayed for. She is so good at taking natural and candid photo's. Just look at how cute this one is of Sam and I. We were walking down to the buses at this point and I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything ran.
I can't remember who, but someone ended up needing the toilet and Vicki wanted more pictures taking of herself so Emilia and I were left waiting on the side of the road before we all joined up again. I was originally planning on wearing one of my long, more ball like dresses but everyone else was going with cocktail dresses. In the end, I could have easily gotten away with it because all the guys looked incredible in suits and many of the girls were wearing prom dresses. Next year for sure!
Like I said, I was blown away by how incredible it was for £10. The venue was absolutely gorgeous and definitely one I will be considering for my own wedding one day. We were welcomed my fire dancers, free drinks and snakes, with the opportunity to take pictures.

All the little details were beautiful. The table plan, the decorations, the band of live music and the photograph backdrop of twinkling lights. It was all perfect and way better than I ever could have imagined.

After the meal which as just my sort of food - plain and simple - and a quick change, the fire dancers came in on stilts and fully brought the wonderland theme alive. I thought it was a little odd that the courses were continually split up my dancing time on music but it seemed to suit everyone else. The oddest part was when the snake and her handler came to dance and took centre stage as everyone watched in amazement.

That wasn't all though. There was also fireworks, professional photographers, dodgems, free bottles of wine, endless popcorn and candyfloss and even a photo booth which we had lots of fun with!

The only thing that I thought was badly organised was how it came to such an abrupt ending. Everyone was dancing and then suddenly everyone was rushing out the door. It was a nightmare trying to get back on the right bus and working out where everyone was. I stressed so much when we lost two of out friends but luckily we managed to reunite back at the accommodation, before getting back on the buses after a quick 10 minute change. I think I ended up being the only one who didn't change outfits but I did change into my ballerina flats and put on a pair of nude tights.

When we arrived at the after party, I was pleasantly surprised and once away blown away! It really was another beautiful venue. I loved that it had been hired completely privately and we had the whole place to ourselves. The decorations were beautiful. The music was a bit rubbish at the start but the last hour was perfect and I really got into dancing and talking to people, which is completely unlike me so it was nice. I think the only thing that would have been better would be if the glitter painting was free...
At the end of the night, we went back to the flat above to say our goodbyes. I loved that my hair had fallen out into much looser waves and it's the look I'm going for, for the wedding...without the braided detail.
I will defintely be going next year and I can't wait! It's a new committee but I'm keeping everything crossed that they'll be just as good.

The next day, we were lucky enough to get a lie in before heading into town to celebrate my almost birthday twin's 22nd birthday! Bridget ended up selecting the Chinese buffet for her meal and I have to say, despite appearing not to each much, I did actually enjoy the food, albeit, it was quite expensive for what it was. I loved being able to wear my pretty maxi dress and of course, left over curls are my favourite!
 I'd already given her my card and present so she could open it on the day but it was hilarious watching her guess what Vicki got her.
We managed to convince her to come back to the flat and it was so nice to share some quiet, chill time and enjoy some cake...measured accurately. Oh I laughed so hard! Bridget I love you girl! Here's to you!