My Top New TV Shows of 2018!

For the first time in a long time, I've become obsessed with so many amazing, new TV shows. Instead of writing a review for each of them individually, as I have in the past, I thought I would put together a quick list!

1. Young Sheldon - An absolutely brilliant spin-off show focusing on The Big Bang Theory's, Sheldon Cooper's childhood. Sheldon has an eccentric personality and Young Sheldon begins to unravel the reasoning behind through his upbringing. 

I absolutely loved this. I'm really enjoying 20 minute shows at the moment as it's the perfect break time. I think the show and the characters are both funny and exciting. I think this is completely different from anything else out there and so it really hit the right spot: 10/10.

2. Life Sentence - A beautiful story about a young woman who beats cancer only to be left living a life she never imagined. Through having to support herself, to family turmoils, to love life drama, Stella Abbot is left learning how to live outside of her hospital bed. 

I became a fan of Lucy Hale when she was in Pretty Little Liars and while it's a completely different type of show, she still plays a young and sweet girl, turning woman. I also love Carlos Pena Vega and so seeing actors that I already love, act together, really enticed me to this show. I love how it combines family elements and isn't just painting a picturesque view of family life. I thought it was entertaining, raw and honest: 9/10.

Have you watched either of these new shows? What's your favourite TV show for 2018?


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