Wish I Was by Colin & Caroline (Review)

Recently, I was contacted by someone who introduced me to the incredible power couple that is Colin and Caroline.

Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Colin Healy and Caroline Mauck both grew up with a love for music. Although they attended high school together, it wasn't until after years of pursuing music, they reconnected at a local spot in their hometown. They collaborated on covers, adding their own unique spin to turn them into duets and then they began co-writing original music and growing together as singer-songwriters in lyrics, sound and performance.

Like with another favourite duo of mine, Us the Duo, not only are they music duo, but also they've fallen in love. Swoon! A relationship...

One of my favourite descriptions of them is: "Colin & Caroline have found inspiration in connecting with their listeners personally, and hearing how their music resonates with fans on a personal level.  Many have commented that their songs were with them through different times of their lives; both happy and sad.  This continues to inspire the duo to keep writing, and sharing their work with audiences new and old."

There are so many artists trying to be heard nowadays and I do feel like some of them are in it for the wrong reason but hearing Colin & Caroline talk about this deep and honoured connection is beautiful. It's that sort of language that let's so many people find love in their music.

Over recent years, they've had a number of popular and incredible cover songs. Among their most popular ones are: Let It Go, Sorry, Maps, High and Dry, and Hello. Amazingly, they also got their original song "More Than Gravity" featured in the 2017 Netflix original series "13 Reasons Why". While I've never managed to get into the series, the song is beautiful and very popular amongst a world-wide population.

Today, they released another original single and I was lucky enough to get to hear it first as a sneak peak! "Wish I Was" is truly a beautiful song. It's one that's all about connection, relationships and love and I really think it truly depicts Colin & Caroline not only as a working pair but all the things that entwines them together.

One of my favourite lines is "I wish that we were strangers so we could meet again". How beautiful. Love is wanting to meet the person again, so you could fall in love all over again and feel the magic from the very beginning. I thought that was such a strong sentence and one that I've already added to my favourite quote book.

The music video is just as stunningly, beautiful as the lyrics. It starts with a journey and goes through all the simple yet picturesque nature scenery. I love how simple the scenes are because I don't thing the songs needs any special effects. It's perfect just the way it is. Even just the scenes of them singing together are special and you can see the connection these two share. Dancing around each other in the headlights, cuddling in the car, laughing and smiling outside the petrol station...it's the little moments that make it more realistic.
The lyrics are meaningful, the video is simple and the melody is beautiful. It's perfect. I love how the whole single came together and it's defintely stuck in my head. It's perfect for chilling alone, spending time with friends or loved ones, or even for a special song at a wedding. I'm so glad I got to hear this song because I'm now obsessed!

They've already done over 200 live shows and I can't wait for them to come over to the UK one day so I can see them live! Celebrate with me and be sure to listen to the single yourself and you can also buy it: iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

Also, stay tuned for July 6th! We are celebrating the release of their next single with an incredible, exclusive interview!


  1. AnonymousJune 22, 2018

    What a wonderful and accurate review. I know them well and have followed since their beginning .... I have seen the growth of their music and they just keep getting better and better.


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