The Originals - Season 4 Review!

Since the end of The Vampire Diaries, I'm so thankful to The Originals and their continued portrayal of the vampire world I fell in love with so many years ago. Season 4 has finished and with another one set to air in 2018 I thought I would share my thoughts. I have to say, I was blown away by this series. I think it's hard to stay relevant and entertaining in a world that is so longstanding but somehow, this season spoke to me on so many levels, I truly fell in love with the show all over again. 
In the very first episode we see this jump of 5 years. Hope is no longer a baby and despite my lack of memory, the show quickly reminded me of the terrible woes all the other characters are facing. With the Mikaelson siblings all in prison someway or another, it's left to Haley to not only raise her precious daughter but somehow manage to find a cure for everyone else. 

Immediately the show kicks right in with Haley's mission and, somewhat expectedly, she awakes a cured Freya who sets upon making a magic potion for her siblings. From there, they all work together doing what the Mikaelson siblings always do, saving each other. Klaus has been held captive by the one person he thought of as his son, Marcel. Starving and alone, he visions Cami saving him and forcing him to break through the torture that holds him in. All the emotion that could have possible been evoked in me, was. This season was one to remember. 

Season 4 seemed far more dangerous than all the last ones. With so many unknowns, it was hard to know if anyone was safe. This show isn't Game of Thrones. I know deep down that none of the main characters are going to die...although I said that about The Vampire Diaries and my heart will always break for Stefan. 

I think this season was just so much more emotional than all the others because it involved a child and while it was deep and dark, it also involved one of the most sensitive types of relationships, that between a mother/father and a child. I loved the special connection that Hope shared and cherished with each of them. 

With Haley, their secret handshake always promised love and simply, hope. I loved the kiss promise and in a way, I hope my children and I one day have something similar. Their sweet encounters, however brief, were always special. 
Likewise, after missing years of her growing up, it was interesting to see how Klaus formed that relationship. In a way it was even more special because it was so gentle and careful, the relationship grew and blossomed at Hope's pace. Hope is truly a special child because of her openness and ability to accept love readily. I simply loved seeing the conversations they had, especially over shared passions. 
There was something truly special about seeing Klaus with Hope as a little girl. As a baby, my heart melted with the gentleness he approached her with but this series, his warmth and love was forever apparent. When you invest so much in a character and a series franchise, it's wonderful to see character growth and Klaus is a character that never fails to achieve new levels of greatness. He's not a hero - and we have to acknowledge that - but he has very obviously been changed by love, romance and his daughter. He's become a man who was not only willing to sacrifice himself, he did sacrifice himself and everything he holds close: to protect her.
Similarly, Freya was the sister we never expected to find, yet has become apart of a family we hold dear. Seeing a new side to her defintely made me connect with her a lot more. From being so cold and mission focussed, the new character edition showcased her softer side. It was interesting to see the romantic side of her especially as it developed. Not only was it her first relationship but it was with a woman. having had previous gay relationships on the show, I found the lesbian relationship refreshing and tastefully explored throughout. 
I am in absolute awe of how beautifully Summer Fontana portrayed Hope. With such power and grace for one so young, she was the perfect Hope and blew me away. From scene to scene, I continued to be amazed. From her sweetness and loving nature with her parents to true evil and power, her acting was unequivalently flawless. In my deepest core, I know that she is going to be a big star one day and do incredible things. She exceeded all my expectations. 
Since the nod to Klaus in the end of The Vampire Diaries (the letter and contribution), it only seems fitting it would be where Hope would go for her education. Haley seems happy seeing her daughter finally interact with people her own age, but we didn't quite see what she would end up doing...perhaps a teacher or werewolf mentor? Rebecca finally got her happy ending with Marcel, Kol was about to propose to Davina and Elijah was happily playing a piano in France, after removing his memories and finally finding inner peace. 

Dearest Caroline, 
I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person someday… however long it takes. 
Yours, Klaus.

That just left Klaus and my heart was breaking into a million pieces as I watched. The pain of leaving the person he loved so desperately was the very essence of parenting. In a way it's so beautifully transparent yet the most emotional burden to bare. Never wanting to forget her, he couldn't wipe his memories like Elijah and after the death of Cami and no longer being to contact Rebecca, he was left alone. I felt the smile at the end was trying to comfort the viewers but to me, it made the whole situation even more painful. He was left alone in the world once again, despite being physically free. It was such a parallel to the start of the season when he was locked in chains. 
With such a bittersweet ending, I almost thought the show had been cancelled. In the crying mess of a state I was, I googled whether there would be another series and to my absolute relief, there was. There will be one more season of The Originals and then it will all be over. Thank god it didn't end here but I'm still so sad to hear of yet another one of my favourite shows coming to an end. 

See you in 10 years. Forever and always.