Crazy Pet Shop and First Lip N Sip!

The bank holiday weekend called for Pizza Express, shopping and even a pet store. Then my tipsy mother was very entertaining while we tried yet failed to dress up the dogs in a Hawaiian lei...she doesn't remember where she got it from! Plus, I had my first Lip N Sip party before travelling back to London for my last few weeks!

Click here for the vlog or see below.

This week's vlog is a little shorter than normal because I've kept myself fairly busy. I've totally decluttered and minimalised both my bedroom and bathroom - I  vlogged the whole process so stay tuned for that soon! - which ended up taking a lot longer than expected.

I've also massively switched up the blog. I've mentioned this in a couple of posts but it really does take a fair bit of time and I couldn't find the help I needed very easily so I'm going to be writing some "how to" posts soon to help others. I've still been loving wearing my FitBit but given that I've been sitting down a lot, it is slightly disappointing to see such a low count. It defintely encourages me to get up more though! 
I've spent a lot of time with my mum this summer and while she can drive me mad most of the time, it has been really nice to spend time with her without other people interfering and causing an argument. It was a bank holiday weekend so we headed to town to go shopping.

I just bought my ticket for SheerSense's distributor training at the September PIT Stop and I am so excited! Distributor's are encouraged to wear SeneBlue (Senegence's signature colour) at events so I decided to try and find some new pieces. I found a couple but in reality I have quite a few blue pieces in my wardrobe that will suffice. 

When mum came back from a canal boat party, she was wearing a Hawaiian lei but she couldn't remember where it was from. Being silly I decided to put it on Holly and quickly snapped some pictures but Tilly wasn't having any of it. Then mum decided to take over and it was hilarious! 

I've been really trying to learn more about SheerSense as a company and their products. I'm absolutely loving it and it's given me something to stay busy doing in my spare time. I find it really enlightening and interesting so even though I was super nervous for my first in home Lip N Sip, I was really excited! 

Well, the day arrived and almost everyone cancelled! I wanted to keep it small but there was only 3 people still coming. Luckily, each person brought another and it ended up being the perfect amount. I totally messed up a couple of times and I didn't say everything I wanted to but despite it being a practice run with friends, I still sold 2 items. I sold a lip balm and a ShadowSense which made me really proud. Yey! 

I've just headed back to London but fingers crossed for some more to come soon!