21st Birthday Haul!

 I recently celebrated my 21st birthday and I was so lucky! I got so many presents and so much money from people whom I ever expected. I feel overwhelmingly honoured by everyone's generosity and can't wait to use them all.

I got some beautiful flowers.
 Plus a giant cookie!
 I got quite a few beauty products! A highlighter, a perfume and some plumping lip gloss.

 For the bathroom, I got some gorgeous soap and my favourite pair of twins got some lush bath stuff!
I always love Body Shop so who can go wrong with Body Shop products in a really cute box! Lastly, mum wrapped up some Estee Lauder goodies we got for free a little while ago. I did a post with the full collection here.
One of my favourite presents is actually this cute little mirror! It's so sweet and I love the little bejewelled details. 
I swear, I try to loose weight but everyone always buys me chocolates and alcohol! HAHA!

 I can't wait to have my own house one day and all these new home products make me all the more excited! A grow your own chocolate flowers, a reed diffuser, a cute money box, some socks, some mugs and an 21 wine glass. Cute!

Everyone knows I love photography and so my mum got me a photo album. I'll have to select some cute photos to add in! I also got, 2 picture frames.

 I LOVE THIS! Whole post coming soon!
I was pleasantly surprised to also receive some DVDs to - almost - complete my collection of The Vampire Diaries.
A few little extras were super cute. 
I also got some beautiful pieces of jewellery. A Thomas Sabo pearl charm bracelet with a feather charm plus another pearl bracelet.
 I was also lucky to receive not one but 3(!) pandora charms to add to the bracelet that is now completely full! I got a 21 charm, a world map and a globe.
I also love this cute little bracelet for everyday wear. I have a couple of these now so perhaps I shall get into these now instead.
SO MANY! Thank you everyone. See my 20th birthday haul here.