Start of Summer! / London Vlog

So I may or may not have updated on here but I ended up having to resit exams, like I thought I would. I am going to write up a big life update at some point in the near future so stay tuned for that.
Anyway, last week, I finished my exam week and I celebrated big time...kind of.

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

Luckily, my flatmate was doing a course at university in the same week - totally by chance - so she was around which was nice.

On Thursday, we went to Ask Italian for lunch and then headed to Westfield Shopping Centre. We bought Sophie her graduation dress (honestly it's stunning!) and I even treated myself to one! Not for graduation though, obviously. Towards the end we treated ourselves to some Lola's cupcakes!

On Friday, I got up bright and early so I caught up on all my TV. We then headed to Camden, walked around Camden market and had lunch at Pizza Express. Two Italian's in a row, I know! But I was craving the dough balls like crazy!
In the evening we headed to the Sky Gardens. I've been a couple of times now but it was Sophie's first time so it was super fun. Unfortunately, the top area was cordoned off for a private function and they'd stolen the live music! Sad!

On Saturday, I was home alone again but after the builder came and left - after almost 2 hours! - I headed out. I took the bus down to Covent Garden and then rushed through to The Savoy to see Dreamgirls. Not going to lie, I was totally underdressed! It was so so so posh.

Dreamgirls review coming soon but it was good, I was just really underwhelmed and disappointed because I'd really only bought the ticket to see Amber Riley and she cancelled last minute.

I bought my ticket through Today Tix and I will be doing a more in depth review of them soon but it is such a good app! Use code "RWPUV" for £10 off your first order.
It was also super hot in the theatre. Like everyone was complaining and sweating away. I was planning on getting the bus back but I was so thankful for the breeze that I walked home instead. Covent Garden was beautiful and I came across a stunning singer. Sammie Jay Music on all social media platforms.

I also ended up walking home with a stranger after awkwardly asking him if he needed help. Oops!