21st Keepsake (Review)

I mean seriously, how cute is this! Short and simple review on one of my favourite presents!

I really wanted something special to mark my 21st birthday. I looked for ages at books for people to sign and then I came across this 21st Keepsake Jar. I thought wow. For a reasonable price, why not. Not only will it be able to stay out on display but it won't be locked away in my wardrobe with my 2 leavers books from high school and college. I'm so happy I got it.

It really is such a high quality product with thick glass.

I love that it comes with so many tickets and a keepsake pen as well.

I feel like the only disadvantage is that people didn't really write what I wanted. They all wrote, thank you for the invite ect. Instead of advice and wishes for the future so I kind of wish it came with like a bigger instructions but perhaps that's my own fault.

A perfect gift for anyone turning 21!